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Saturday 21 July 2012

Asymmetrical Hem Dress & Seashell Earrings

Hello all!
It's a kind twist of fate for me that I already had this post ready to roll, because, tragically I have been struck down by my evil arch nemesis... tonsillitis. So, because of this, in all honesty I probably look like a troll.
However, I am very happy to share with you all, something that I have been working on with LOVE for the last however many weeks. I'm now featured on their 'Bloggers Corner' page, where you can check out the 3 items I styled for them and receive 20% off using the discount code BLOGGERARABELLA20. (Of course, you'll be seeing more in-depth accounts of the items here!)
Here, I'm wearing their beautiful aubergine red dress paired with some deliciously 80's seashell earrings. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy. (Feel free to send me over some good vibes and happy thoughts to aid the healing process haha!) 
Have a beautiful weekend! 
Dress: c/o LOVE. Chain : Etsy. Jacket & Belt : Topshop. Earrings : H&M.

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Sunday 1 July 2012

Little Pyjama Suit

Hello all! 
I'm a big advocator of little suits, or 'co-ords' as they're sometimes referred to! I've already got a few hanging in my wardrobe; floral, boucle and stripe - but I'd never seen one quite like this! A pyjama suit! It's a little different, and to some people, perhaps a little odd. But what's wrong with being a little bit eccentric? After all, eccentricity is a stereotypically english quality, so why not embrace it? I wore this to work last weekend and received a few looks that I can only describe as 'confused' - I do realise I look rather like I've just lolloped out of bed and have forgotten to change my pyjamas, but that is entirely the point! The ultimate 24 hour outfit! (What is it that young'uns say these days... YOLO? I genuinely had to look up the definition of that after people kept saying it to me..) In all honesty, it didn't photograph terribly well and I found it quite troublesome to pick out the best photos, but it is SO sweet in reality and the print is just beautiful. I hope you all like it as much as I do!

 Pyjama suit, Embroidered Blouse and Mint Sandals : Topshop. Sunglasses : eBay.

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