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Sunday 26 August 2012

Spiked Shoulder Blazer / Metal Toe Cap Heels

Hello all! 
Autumn is just over the horizon and I must admit, I couldn't be happier about it! I've never been one to particularly relish dressing for the warmer months. It's hardly as if I have a fabulous tan to show off.. I've grown to accept that I will forever be ghostly pale all year round. So as the days get shorter and the temperature gets cooler (phew!) I'm probably more excited than I should be to get my favourite leather trousers back on and introduce knitwear back into my wardrobe - which I've already begun, with a knitted speckled racerback vest (which I just had to purchase after seeing it worn so well by the lovely Shope!)
How are you all feeling about autumnal dressing? 
Also, not entirely sure what to say about my hair lately.. you know those occasional little tufts of baby hair everyone gets? I seem to have sprouted an ENTIRE fresh head's worth.. I'm looking slightly reminiscent of The Weetos Man

Necklace & Hand Chain : c/o Rock N' Rose. Blazer (mine's a size 'L' for an oversized look)/ Shoes : ZARA. Top : Urban Outfitters. Trousers : Topshop. Ring : Granny's! Sunglasses : c/o eBay/Asos Marketplace.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Beaded Trophy Jacket / Split Side Maxi Dress

Hello all!
Just a quick and rather late update on what I wore on a recent trip to London with my dear friend Faye. It was a beautifully sunny day, so ahoy appropriate sunglass-wearing! 
Usually, I'll choose appearance over comfort and practicality (how incredibly narcissistic of me to admit) but Faye and I had made plans to be out ALL day, doing lots of walking. So, after multiple last-minute outfit changes, I went for a black jersey maxi dress, embellished necklace, beaded jacket and a floppy hat that barely fits on my ginormous Mojo Jojo head.
I hope everybody has been having a lovely week so far!
Oh, and a big hello to the lovely Sophie, who regognised me while I was in milling around in Oxford Circus Topshop! :)

Dress, Shoes, Jacket and Top : Topshop. Necklace : Zara. Hat : H&M (last year). Bag : Chanel. Sunglasses : Urban Outfitters.