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I'm Arabella, and this is my imaginatively named blog. You might be able to guess that I couldn't think of a cool-bloggy sounding name when I started 'Arabella' on my first day at university in mid 2011, so I went with my own. I realise in hindsight that this may have been a mistake; as conversations about my blog tend to involve me repeating my own name an uncomfortable number of times; 'Arabella from Arabella at arabellagolby.com'. 

I started this blog because I love to dress up - even when I have nowhere to go. Although that said, all of the outfits you'll see on here will be ones that I actually wear in 'real life'. So, blogging seemed like the perfect way to share that with people who might be interested. Here you'll find lots of tailoring, neck-bows, red lipstick, midi skirts, pointy shoes and some slightly over the top jewellery (and possibly the odd cameo from a little poodle called Teddy.) I mainly share posts on style, but I also dabble in beauty and travel.


When an item has been 'gifted' to me to wear or feature, whether it be on my blog or on my YouTube channel, I will always identify this fact by putting 'c/o' where I cite the item below the post, or mention it within the video itself. When a post has been sponsored by a brand, I will always make a note of this below the post. I only accept gifted items or sponsored posts from brands that I genuinely love and items that are true to my style - I always choose the items myself.

Sponsored Posts:Yes, I do occasionally accept sponsored posts. I accept an agreed 'fee' in exchange for me creating a post on the topic - which is always a topic in keeping with my blog. I do not receive any extra benefit, monetary or otherwise, from you clicking on the post itself or viewing anything I may link. If I have used rStyle links (explained below) I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase the item I'm showing you through that particular link. I know that a lot of people don't necessarily approve of sponsored posts, but in order for me to continue providing free content, it's something I have to allow to happen occasionally and I hope you'll understand that.

rStyle Links Explained:
 Since I've graduated university and I no longer have a student loan, I've had to start looking at my blog as more of a part-time 'job', as well as a hobby I really love. So, I also work with rewardStyle - who are a company that helps bloggers 'monetize' their blogs through 'open, innovative and collaborative culture'. This just means that when I link an item I've worn on my blog, if someone chooses to purchase the item through clicking on my link, I receive a small 'commission' from this purchase - you as a buyer do not pay any more. Nothing changes for you. So, if you appreciate my recommendations  - I hope you don't mind and appreciate why I have chosen to add this feature.

My blog has always been authentic in the sense that my style will always remain my own. I want to keep it that way - so, in the spirit of transparency and honesty, I'd like to be truthful and make these things very clear. It's really important to me that you feel you can trust me and my content. I'll always be honest with you guys, and I really appreciate your support. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to tweet me, email me or leave me a comment.

That all got a bit serious didn't it.

Thank you for visiting, and I really hope you enjoy my blog!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is your name really Arabella? :  Yes, it's my name! 
It says Arabella on my birth certificate and always has done. I find it very amusing when I'm asked this, like it might be some sort of stage name or secret identity. If only I was that mysterious. 

How old are you? :  I'm 23.

How tall are you? :  I'm 5'9. 

Are you a student? :  Not anymore! I graduated in mid June of 2014. I now have a degree in Publishing from The Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies (OBU).

Where are you from? :  I'm from Oxfordshire, but I pop up and down to London often.


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