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Sunday 13 October 2013

Dogtooth Coat with Leather Sleeves / Plum Fedora / Checked Shirt

Coat : ZARA. Hat : Whistles. Necklace : Accessorize. Shoes & Faux Fur Collar : ASOS. Shirt : Primark. Trousers : Topshop.

Hello all!
You may or may not know, I have trouble finding hats that fit my somewhat bulbously large head (if you follow me on Twitter you'll definitely know this because I spend 60% of my time whinging about it.) I've always been a big fan of hats and in the last year it seems that everyone and their Aunt Mildred has bought a Topshop fedora. However, since these hats are 'one size fits all' (this is a despicable and hurtful lie) I'd been scouring the internet for that elusive size L. I eventually found and ordered three Whistles fedoras in various colours, all size M/L. Strangely enough, only the plum colour fits me despite all being labelled as the same size. It's a mystery, but I'm planning a trip to a Whistles store to right this wrong.

Moving on from my head, I've been back at uni for 3 full weeks now and so am trying to acclimatise myself to a living-away-from-home student budget. It's not going well so far but I'm trying. In an attempt to cut costs I ventured into Primark and found this shirt, a lovely pair of pointed toe heels and an adorable tartan dress, both of which I will be sharing with you in due course. This may even be the first time I've featured Primark on my blog as quite frankly the cavernous-ness of the shop and the size-8-garment-on-size-14-hanger situation frightens me quite deeply. Anyway, I'm incredibly pleased with my new Primark purchases and will definitely be exploring the store more often. What do you think of the whole Primark shopping experience?