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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dogtooth Coat (feat. Actual Dog) - Cherry Blossoms in Kensington

In case you hadn't already noticed, I'm quite the coat fiend. I have an impressively (read; embarrassingly) vast collection and yet frequently struggle to find one that 'goes', and with this hoard of outerwear, today I present to you, one that isn't even mine. This giant dogtooth piece 'technically' belongs to my mother. I say 'technically' because I'm definitely going to hang it up on my coat rail and hope she doesn't notice it's absence from hers... 

I wore this on a gloriously sunny Monday, where Becca, Rupert the pug and I caught up over cake. Blossom trees are without a doubt one of my favourite things about spring, and the cherry blossom trees are starting to bloom in London and so of course this required copious photographs and much oo-ing and aa-ing. My eyes are now pointed expectantly towards the bare, twiggy blossom tree in my garden. 

The idea of borrowing my mother's clothes aged 23 would've likely horrified me as a teenager, but now as an 'adult' (cough) myself, I can really appreciate what a stylish mother I have. Do you often borrow clothes from friends, sisters or mothers? Let me know!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

White Vintage Coat & Cobalt Details at Somerset House

Coat: eBay/'Vintage' - similar here. Top: Zara - similar here. Rings: Astrid and Miyu. Shoes: M&S. Trousers: Topshop. Earrings: Dior - ASOS alternative here. Sunglasses: Miu Miu. Bag: Chanel.

Good evening!

A super-quick outfit post this evening; Charlotte snapped these photos for me after I moseyed on over to Somerset House on the first day of Fashion Week for an 'office social' with my management and the other girls. I quite literally threw this outfit together that morning, with a taxi in the driveway ferociously beeping for me to get a move on. I ended up wearing a Zara cobalt blue top, Miu Miu sunglasses, an 'old' pair of similarly coloured heels from M&S, Dior earrings, a pair of Topshop leather trousers, my dear Chanel, and a vintage white coat that I found on eBay last year. I'm undoubtedly an advocate for mixing high-street and vintage pieces with designer accessories, and so this outfit accidentally ended up epitomising this.

(Charlotte and I on BBC News this morning. Lol.)

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sleeveless Trench / Striped Shirt / Dior Pearls

Click to product - Shirt: Zara (old) Alternative here.  Sleeveless Trench: River Island. Shoes: Russell & Bromley. Trousers: Topshop. Bag: Chanel. Earrings: Dior (Asos alternatives here). Sunglasses: Miu Miu.

Hello, hello and good evening to you!

Is there anything lovelier than glorious weather, excellent company and good food? Well, that's exactly how I spent a recent spring day; cafe-hopping between venues and perusing markets in Notting Hill with Bianca. I'd chosen what is in my opinion, a very casual, dressed-down look for the occasion - with the sleeveless trench (my new favourite piece!) perhaps giving away my denial over the actual, realistic temperature. I also added these gold, military-style buttons to the shirt myself don'tcha know? I'd also ordinarily opt for flats whilst 'exploring' but as much of the day consisted of sitting and eating, I thought I'd struggle through *insert sarcasm here*. One of the most picturesque places we visited was a charming 'Biscuiteers' - as you'll see above.
Truly, this day and these photos are really enthusing me for the transition into Spring! What is your favourite part of the changing seasons?

Monday, 16 February 2015

Lancôme Miracle Cushion - Review

The Product.

Now, I'm not generally one to be experimental when it comes to bases and foundations; I'm a safe (some might say dull) make-up user, sticking to the things I trust to keep my skin feeling and looking as healthy as it can. I know many people have numerous foundations which they switch between depending on the circumstance, but that's not me. I have one foundation for all occasions, and I don't stray for fear that my skin may throw a tantrum, usually in the form of extreme dryness. However, when this new product; 'Miracle Cushion' - a Liquid Compact from Lancôme fell into my lap, or through my letterbox to be more precise, I concluded that I didn't have anything to lose by trying it out. Lancôme itself is a brand I trust, and being a frequent user of their Hypnose mascara, it didn't seem like too much of a risk.

An already popular product in Asia (hence the 'SPF 23' - this may seem like a bizarre number, but the levels of SPF are more specific in Asia) the Miracle Cushion sits somewhere between a foundation and a BB Cream. Honestly, I don't feel qualified to tell you whether I agree with that description or not, as I always wear very light foundations and always find BB Creams too heavy - BUT, I can certainly tell you how it looks and feels. We'll get to that part in a moment. 

The 'miracle cushion' itself is the sponge-like material inside the pot that holds the product itself, and the applicator is a small rounded spongey-cushiony-thing, to use the technical term - although I'm sure a brush could also be used. The liquid foundation that lives within the cushion is touted as being weightless, easily to build, fresh and glowing, with lasting hydration to boot. So, if you're a fan of the fresh, dewy look (with my skin verging on dry, I am!) what more could you ask for? 

Summary & Benefits.

- Dewy/Glowy Finish 
- Lasting Hydration
-Easily Portable
- Weightless Feel
- Buildable Coverage
- SPF 23 (not 22, not 24... 23.)
- The cushiony-spongey-thing is fun to poke

My Thoughts.

This foundation was a lot easier to apply than I'd expected initially - I've become an expert in putting my makeup on quickly and even as a new, unfamiliar product this took me no time at all. I'd personally say that the coverage was 'medium' - not hugely sheer but not opaque either - honestly, it's difficult for me to say as the shade I'm wearing '01 Pure Porcelaine' is a couple of shades too dark for me, making it hard for me to judge. They currently only have six shades available, and I'm wearing the lightest here which is too dark - so, for me that's a downside - but for all you non-vampiric people, you'll be fine. However, I do agree that it applied smoothly, didn't cling to any dry areas and does have a beautiful dewy finish, despite being a bit too orange for my face - but we'll ignore that. I was also surprised at how literally weightless it did feel. You hear the phrase 'weightless makeup' thrown around all the time, but once I'd applied this I genuinely didn't feel like I had any makeup on. Overall, I'm impressed with this product and if/when Lancôme create some lighter shades, I'd certainly add it to my makeup collection!

If you fancy giving this product a go, you can pick it up for £30 at Selfridges, here.

This post is not sponsored by Lancôme. I felt like doing some writing and this product just so happened to be my chosen subject - Lancôme did send me the product to try out, but that does not mean I am under any obligation to post a review, negative or positive. As always, these are my honest opinions.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Chunky Cream Roll Neck / Leather Trousers / Davidoff ICON Collection Preview

Shoes: c/o Daniel Footwear.  Bag: c/o Davidoff. Jumper: Missguided (only £15 too!). Trousers: Topshop. Earrings: Dior (ASOS alternatives here). Cape: ASOS (sold out).

Hello everyone!

Tonight, I'm excited to share a rather special piece with you. You'll all know, whether you've been familiar with my blog for a long time or you happened upon me just yesterday, that to remove my Chanel bag from my arm would likely involve a lengthy surgical procedure. However, when Davidoff offered to send me a preview piece from their new ICON Collection, which officially launches this Spring/Summer, I decided to open my mind and accept their kind gesture.

The bag itself, as you can see above, is 100% italian leather and surprisingly lightweight. With gold hardware and two deceptively generous sized compartments (meaning that this bag could easily accommodate work-related items such as an iPad or notebook - or even the modest overnight essentials) the front pocket opened by the golden twist-lock Davidoff logo on the front and the other by a strong magnetic flap, this bag hasn't left my arm since. I've been keeping things that I need access to less frequently in the front, very secure compartment such as my keys and make-up bag, and items like my phone and oyster card in the back pocket which is extremely convenient and easy to access (but not easy enough that I'd fear being pick-pocketed!)

 It also comes with a long strap that can be attached if you prefer , but I favour carrying it by it's little handle - rather reminiscent of a doctors bag! I should mention that the bag also comes with an authenticity card which makes it feel very special indeed.

Overall, I'm truly thrilled with this piece and so happy to share it with you. I've surprised myself over and over by picking it up in preference of my trusty Chanel, and I'm so happy to have this classically stylish bag in my collection.

If you'd like to take a look at the collection yourself, head on over to the Davidoff website.

This post is kindly sponsored by Davidoff. All opinions are my own, and if you'd like to know more about what a sponsored post is any why I accept them, feel free to take a look at my 'About' page here.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Black Cape / Graphic Print Trousers / Embellished Point Courts

Cape: ZARA (New Look alternative here.) Trousers: River Island. Shirt: Urban Outfitters (old). Shoes: Dune. Earrings: Dior (ASOS alternatives here.)

Why, hello!

Continuing my resolution to make more use of clothes I already own, I'm wearing another trusted but slightly neglected favourite today - this ruffled white blouse from Little White Lies. My favourite features are undoubtedly the frilly, old-fashioned style collar and the frill-heart across the front of the blouse - which proved hard to photograph without me holding my cape open like an unusually demure flasher, so you'll just have to trust me on that one. It's unusual and lovely. 

I'm also wearing one of my more standard outerwear choices, this black cape from Zara. I've worn this cape to utter death, usually combined with some kind of bow - but on this day I threw a few blouses around my room and settled on the frillier option. I do enjoy a good frill!

I recently picked up these graphic print, monochrome trousers from River Island. The fact that they're monochrome means that they're easy to style and pair with colours, but the modern pattern also serves to 'edge-up' my outfits that might otherwise look a bit too... prim? Not that there's anything wrong with looking prim at all. What do you think? Do you enjoy mixing old and new styles, or do you just stick to one? I'd love to hear! 

P.s. You can also see my Cape Lookbook on YouTube here. I put it up about a month ago and completely forgot to 'advertise' it here - I'm thinking I should, seeing as I'm such a cape ambassador!