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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Black Cape / Graphic Print Trousers / Embellished Point Courts

Cape: ZARA (New Look alternative here.) Trousers: River Island. Shirt: Urban Outfitters (old). Shoes: Dune. Earrings: Dior (ASOS alternatives here.)

Why, hello!

Continuing my resolution to make more use of clothes I already own, I'm wearing another trusted but slightly neglected favourite today - this ruffled white blouse from Little White Lies. My favourite features are undoubtedly the frilly, old-fashioned style collar and the frill-heart across the front of the blouse - which proved hard to photograph without me holding my cape open like an unusually demure flasher, so you'll just have to trust me on that one. It's unusual and lovely. 

I'm also wearing one of my more standard outerwear choices, this black cape from Zara. I've worn this cape to utter death, usually combined with some kind of bow - but on this day I threw a few blouses around my room and settled on the frillier option. I do enjoy a good frill!

I recently picked up these graphic print, monochrome trousers from River Island. The fact that they're monochrome means that they're easy to style and pair with colours, but the modern pattern also serves to 'edge-up' my outfits that might otherwise look a bit too... prim? Not that there's anything wrong with looking prim at all. What do you think? Do you enjoy mixing old and new styles, or do you just stick to one? I'd love to hear! 

P.s. You can also see my Cape Lookbook on YouTube here. I put it up about a month ago and completely forgot to 'advertise' it here - I'm thinking I should, seeing as I'm such a cape ambassador!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Ruby Red Cos Coat / Tartan Trousers / Knitted Roll Neck

Top: River Island (a steal at only £15 too!). Coat: COS (last year - alternatives here and here) Trousers: Oasis at ASOS. Earrings: Dior - alternatives here. Shoes: c/o ASOS - sold out at the moment, alternative here. Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Hello everyone!

This year I've vowed to not only visit the gym more often (and perhaps unsubscribe to Domino's email menu...) but to also make the most out of my wardrobe. I mean that in the sense that I'm trying to give 'older', perhaps slightly neglected items another shot. I've been looking at items in my wardrobe and asking myself 'if I saw this on someone else, would I want it?' or 'if I saw this on Zara/ASOS's new-in section would I be filled with lust and longing?' - the answer is usually yes. Just because something is 'old' doesn't mean that we should forget about it or value it less than newer items. That's my vow this year. To appreciate and wear the old goodies just as much as the newer, perhaps more exciting pieces. Here we have this ruby red coat from COS. (Thanks to Becca for taking these photos!) I wore it to death last winter and as time went on it gradually moved to the back of my wardrobe. However, this year I remembered how excited I was to be in possession of this coat and how much I loved wearing it. I over-wore it back then for a good reason, surely? So that's that. This year, I've dusted off this coat along with several other bits and bobs that I'm newly enthused to wear. (The only problem with that being you lovely lot won't necessarily be able to get your hands on the exact items anymore, although I'll always link alternatives where I can. Oh what a tease I am!)

Have you ever neglected an item just because it was no longer 'new-in'? Please let me know!

I'm also sorry to anyone who may be scarred by my ugly toes. I understand that they're very upsetting. It's hard to show sandals without showing my toes. I need socks that look like normal toes. Does such a thing exist? You have my apologies. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Birthday - Afternoon Tea at The Mandarin Oriental

Cape: Asos (sold out - alternatives here and here.) Blouse: M&S (old - alternative here.) Shoes: M&S (old - alternative here.) Trousers: River Island (old - alternative here.) Earrings: Chanel. 

Hello all and Happy New Year!

On December the 1st - now technically last year, I turned 23. This year, I've vowed to up my game on the organisational front and so posting this a month after my actual birthday doesn't bode too well. Let's just say this one doesn't count. The leaf of organisation has been turned over from this moment - ok? We're all agreed. Good. 

On my birthday, I always spend the day with my mother. I enjoyed birthday celebrations with friends either side of my birthday, but truly, my mother is my best friend and so I always choose to spend the day itself with her. 

On the day, we devoured a ridiculously indulgent afternoon tea at The Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge. We nibbled on delicious mini-sandwhiches (small rolls instead of the traditional finger sandwich which we found rather thrilling) and miniature patisserie treats exploding with flavour, accompanied by floral teas and the best iced latte I have ever had. After this point, we were satisfied, but it wasn't over. Oh no, not by a long shot. Next, we were presented with miniature scones with a selection of jams. They were utterly divine and so we struggled through - if you can even use the word struggle to describe such a mouth-watering torture. The waiter then made a joke about 'cakes on the way' and we all laughed. This turned out to be entirely serious. LITTLE CAKES ARRIVED. I failed to photograph these cakes as I was so overwhelmed. Is it possible to drown in food? 

Finally, accompanied by a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' I was presented with a surprise mini cheesecake topped with a candle on a beautifully iced plate. It was so unexpected and lovely I even had a tear in my eye (perhaps also because I knew I now HAD to eat this cheesecake.) I can confirm the cheesecake was delicious and I proudly ate 80% after begging my mother to have a few bites. I cannot stress how incredible it was - the food, drinks and service were all second to none. If you're looking for an afternoon tea experience in London - I can't recommend it enough. When it was all over we genuinely considered rolling across the road to Hyde Park and lying on the grass just to get over the amount of food we'd eaten.

Scroll down if you wish to see. Be warned - mouths may water. 

(I should also like to say, as I always do, that this is in no way a sponsored post - we chose the venue entirely out of our own free will and paid the same price as everyone else.)


Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year from Singapore!

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

I hope you've all been having a wonderful festive period, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. This December, I've been back in Singapore (long-time readers may remember my last trip a couple of years ago!) since mid December visiting family again, and I write this to you from 30 degree heat - so, naturally it's important that my New Year's Eve outfit be relatively cool and climate-appropriate. Unsurprisingly, my choices were rather hindered by my taste and this criteria. I'd usually go for something with sleeves and perhaps a voluminous skirt with some netting. In this weather - that's a no-no. So when ASOS kindly offered to send me an outfit for New Year's Eve - I was off like a shot to scour the website. After much perusing, I found this little darling. It's lightweight, non-restrictive, beautifully patterned fabric will keep me cool whilst it's ingenious built-in support around the structured chest area will keep me... thoroughly in place, shall we say? The fabric is also excellently 'stiff' (strange compliment I realise but bear with) which is important to me when it comes to a short skirt - it'll keep the skirt pointing at the floor, rather than up around my head when the wind blows. An important feature when I'll be taking in the NYE fireworks from a rooftop here in Singapore! No one wants to see in the new year along with my bottom. 

On that note, Happy New Year to you all from Singapore! Usual posts will resume when I'm back in the UK early January.

Finally, amongst our celebrations tonight let's try and take a moment to think of those who were on board Air Asia flight QZ8501, as well as their family members who will be starting the new year without their loves ones.

Dress: c/o ASOS. Earrings: c/o ASOS (out of stock - but I'd also wear these with this outfit!)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Feeling Festive; Tartan Cape, Pussybow Blouse, Pointed Loafers

Hello all and Happy December!

It's no secret that I've had rather a thing for capes for years now, but, suddenly they have been deemed 'in' and this means there are capes-a-plenty across a huge variation of brands which I've been taking full advantage of. As well as that, it also means a lot of other people are now wearing them, which is obviously the nature of 'fashion' - things are 'in', then they're out, and I can't complain about that. I'm not someone who's often felt 'in' or 'cool' but in this instance I can't deny that I enjoy feeling somewhat smug that I was already on this bandwagon before it drove off. 

I've been more than a little lacklustre when it comes to posting outfits on my blog recently, so I'm kicking things off for winter with this rather festive ensemble, featuring a cape and pussy bow - what I'd call my 'signature look' (pause for vomit noises/cringing). I often feel a bit school-girlish in the way I dress and that's not at all intentional, I just enjoy dressing in a rather tailored, put-together manner somewhat reminiscent of a school uniform (my Granny often tells me I look 'smart'). Here I'm wearing an absolute new treasure of mine - this tartan cape, which has been my go-to colourful coat of the season. With it, I wore a pair of pointed black loafers with a 'pony hair' detail (not entirely sure I'm describing that accurately, but do we all know what I mean?) which I loved so much, I also bought the patterned version! I wore this outfit about a week ago whilst having a good old chinwag (pause for appreciation of the word 'chinwag) with Charlotte - who kindly took these photos for me in one of my favourite, most-frequented blog photo locations of all time. I just really enjoy the contrast in colours and crispness of this outfit - it's very much an eye catcher. 

Do you wear a lot of colour in the winter, or are you more of a black and white kind of person? Please let me know!