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Monday, 14 April 2014

Sky Blue Coat / Embellished Collar Blouse / White Pointed Heels

Coat & blouse : ZARA. Trousers : River Island. Shoes : M&S. Earrings : New Look.

Hello all!
The sky has been beautifully blue this weekend, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear this sky blue coat. I instagrammed (is that even a verb?) this outfit a few weeks ago and it proved rather popular, so I thought I'd go 'the whole hog' (fab phrase) and share the full outfit with you! 

It's definitely a coat for a slightly nippy spring day. As you might be able to tell, it's quite thick, and I've made the error of wearing this on a slightly warmer day and have cooked like a turkey in my own beautifully blue tinfoil. I wouldn't be surprised if this blouse disintegrated any time soon as I'm wearing it to death, it just seems so versatile! I'll mention that It's a bit see through, but as long as you don't pair it with a neon bra (unless bra-flashing is your thing) I'd thoroughly recommend it! 

I should also mention the trousers; I applaud River Island for these, as so often when I try on a pair of tailored-type trousers in Topshop or Zara, they're so restrictive and not very accommodating for when one might need to do bendy things. I don't know what bendy things might be necessary (I know what you're thinking and you can stop that immediately you rude person) but it's nice to have the option. Many a time I've ripped a Topshop trouser. I do have a habit of sitting on the floor so maybe that's it. Trousers made for fully grown adults probably don't cater to people who like to sit cross legged on the floor like a toddler.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

White Pleated Skirt / Ruffle Crop Top / Checked Jacket and Miu Miu - A Day in Notting Hill

Top: c/o Missguided. Jacket: c/o BooHoo (I think..) Skirt & Shoes: ZARA. Necklace: H&M. Earrins & Bag: Chanel.

Hello all!

These photos were taken a little while ago on an absolutely beautiful day in London, when I'd gone out for the day with one of my favourite friends Bianca. Let's just take a moment to gaze at these images and pine for the sun that has now sadly left us. I hope for us all that it will return soon. I should probably address something that to me, seems horribly wrong with these photos. I look quite tanned. This is some unrequested camera trickery, I have not recently popped to the Caribbean or basked in any kind of sun. I'm my usual shade of TRANSLUCENT. Not that there's anything wrong with being tanned, of course. It just doesn't suit me. I once had a spray tan when I was 15 in an attempt to make myself seem cool (it didn't work) and as I was leaving the salon a small child pointed at me and asked her mother 'Mummy, why is that girl so orange?' I looked like I'd rolled in mud - NEVER AGAIN.

In regards to the outfit, I do hope you like it. I feel like sometimes I look so prim and 'prissy' (I'm not even sure I know what prissy means but we'll go with it) and on occasion I wish I could be like one of those people who go around in ripped jeans and trainers looking all 'cool' and like they regularly go to the kind of concerts where there are no chairs and you have to stand up. That kind of thing. Then I remember I hate jeans and trainers make me look like an extra in Kevin & Perry. Do you ever wish you could pull off a style that doesn't suit you? Please let me know!

Oh and p.s. if you'd like to, and if you enjoy my blog & instagram, I'd be so happy if you took a minute to nominate me in the Company Style Blogger Awards for 'Best Personal Style Blog' There's a link to it in my sidebar - I've never made it to the Company Blog Awards yet so I'm hoping I might get there this year :) 

Double p.s. You might also notice that I'm now 'arabellagolby.com' rather than 'arabellag.com', so now all of my social media usernames match, and I always felt like 'arabellaG.com' conjured up images of me as some kind of 'gangster' which is, let's face it, quite far from the truth.. 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Lilac Jewels / Pale Pink Coat / White Roll Neck / Dogtooth Print Skirt

Skirt: c/o New Look. Earrings & Necklace: c/o Dorothy Perkins. Jumper: Mango. Coat : ZARA.

Hello all!

I'll be honest here and say that Dorothy Perkins isn't the first place that comes to mind when I'm on the hunt for some costume jewellery. So I was admittedly, a little flummoxed (how wonderful is the word 'flummoxed?') when I opened a parcel from dear Dorothy Perkins to find these stunning, lilac and gold pieces from their new 'Polished Collection'. I emailed them straight away to tell them how much I loved the jewellery, and that if I'd seen this set in the shop, I'd have bought them instantly! They're exactly what I love in a piece of jewellery. They pieces are intricate yet 'statement' and delicate but sturdy, in a perfect pastel shade of lilac - ideal for the spring and summer months ahead! I've already worn this set a few times now and with each outing, I've had numerous compliments and surprised responses when I inform them of the jewellery's origin! At first when I heard the name 'Polished Collection', I assumed these pieces would be slightly more pricey - like a premium range, similar to Topshop's premium items which are supposedly of better quality and so carry a weightier price tag - however, these two bits from Dorothy Perkins are very sensibly priced (in my opinion!) at just £16 for the necklace & £10 for the earrings I'd find it hard to convince myself to NOT buy these. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sweetheart Neck Red Dress with Ruffle Peplum / Emerald Earrings

Dress: c/o Little Mistress. Earrings & Shoes: ASOS. Red Ring: M&S. Hummingbird Ring: c/o Jana Reidhardt.

You know when you put a piece of clothing on and you're just like ...YES. Oh, this dress. This dress is one of those pieces you put on and think OH HELLO THERE. If I'd have tried this dress on in a shop, I'd have bought it without a second thought, so I feel incredibly grateful to Little Mistress for sending me this dress to share with you all. Also, I think this dress is very reasonably priced. You can go and have a look at it for yourself, as I don't want to get into a debate about what constitutes 'reasonably' priced, but all I'm saying is - if I told you this dress was worth £200, would you disbelieve me? I wouldn't! 
I feel like that dancing emoji woman in the red spanish dancing dress.. you know the one? This is my new date dress. In fact, I'd even wear it to a bar or club, but the next date I go on, this dress will be on me. Ask me on a date. Anyone. I don't care who you are. I will walk my dog in this dress.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Scalloped Edge Jacket / Pink Checked Skirt / Lace High Neck Top

Top, Jacket, Skirt & Shoes : c/o BooHoo.

Hello all!

Let us, for a moment, pretend that it was not freezing cold outside as I 'posed' (lol) for these photos. Let's also pretend that my 'I'm not cold, I'm so happy' smiling face is not mildly psychotic / a bit frightening. Let's also not mention my suspiciously smooth looking ankles in the close up shots. It was that or unsightly goosebumps..

As you'll know, London Fashion Week ended not tooo long ago (who else has been keeping up with the Paris shows? Oh my...) and being there and seeing all of the incredible street style made me realise that I really don't wear as much colour as I'd like to. I looked around at my (shamefully vast) array of clothes and saw colourful pieces everywhere, and yet when dressing on a day to day basis I seem to reach mainly for black and white items. I think accidental-monochrome-syndrome is probably something a lot of people suffer from. 

So as you can see here, I tried to (prepare for a phrase that makes me want to vomit) 'INJECT SOME COLOUR' (ugh) into an outfit with this gorgeous pink checked skirt from BooHoo. I'll be honest with you and say that I have pinned it at the back, as I'm cursed with a size 8 waist and size 12 hips (by hips I politely mean bum). Even though pinning worked nicely for the photo, I'm taking the skirt to my tailor to be taken in around the waist at the first opportunity! Also, I was a bit adventurous with the perspex heeled sandals don't you think? I'm usually in dainty thin heels but I felt like giving something new a try, and I'm really impressed with the quality and how comfy they were!

To add even more prettiness, I paired it with a high neck top with lace detail and a scalloped edge jacket. I think it's perfectly sweet and suit like. It's exactly the kind of style I love to wear and now that spring is here, now's the time!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

London Fashion Week Day 3 // Pinstripes, Checks and Miu Miu

Blouse : c/o French Connection. Coat & Shoes : M&S. Trousers & Earrings : Topshop. Jacket (under coat) : H&M. 
Sunglasses : Miu Miu. Bag : Chanel.

Hello all!

Marks and Spencer, you have done it again. First, there was THAT dreamy pink coat, and now they've created this (in my opinion) pinstriped masterpiece. I decided to go for a rather mismatched suit look, by going with some Prince of Wales Check cropped trousers, a grid print jacket and my much-loved oversized pussybow blouse. The weather had also brightened up considerably, so I thought it acceptably sunny enough to get the sunglasses out. I thought it'd be  a shame not to wear something a little bright and colourful on such a beautiful day, so I went for some cobalt blue, pointed shoes also from M&S. I won't lie, they weren't the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn despite the heel being pretty 'sensible' - but I think that's to be expected with pointy shoes as feet don't tend to be naturally pointy..
 I was also super happy to catch up with some more bloggy/YouTube friends like BeccaNaomi and to meet some more lovely people! 

On another note, I've been toying with the idea of doing a few 'beauty' type posts. So, things like favourite lipsticks, skincare or everyday makeup products I use. Would you be interested in that kind of thing? If so, please let me know and I'd love it if you suggested some things you'd like to see!