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Tuesday 4 September 2018


Something I've realised about myself as I've gotten older (and simultaneously become more self-aware) is that I don't reeeally like change, unless I'm sure it'll be positive. I'm not a natural risk taker. I'll never be the 'I like, totally want to spend a year living in Bali just discovering myself and like, sleeping on the beach... yah' type of person. Just think of all of the things that could go wrong. Tsunamis? Wild, rabid packs of beach-dwelling dogs?! CRABS?? I'm not keen. I also tend to wear the same pair of shoes over and over again until they have actual, literal holes in the toes because WHAT IF I THROW THEM AWAY AND CAN NEVER REPLICATE THIS LEVEL OF COMFORT? IT'S TOO RISKY. I'm a sort of less unkempt, younger version of the old woman who lives in the landfill site from Labyrinth who walks around with all of the things she's ever owned on her back just in case she ever needs them again.

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this (and also probably thinking YOU NEED TO SEE A THERAPIST). Well, that was just to set the scene. 

Something I didn't realise until a couple of years ago and had quite frankly never considered, is that you are SUPPOSED to change your mattress every 8 years. After I found this out I did think 'oh, my mattress is at least 8 years old, that's kind of obvious and gross now that I know' - but did I act on this? I SURE DIDN'T. I kept that mattress for another 2 years because it was MY mattress and it was NICE and I LIKED IT ...leave me alone.

So, getting to the actual point - Leesa contacted me about 6 weeks ago to ask if I would like one of their shiny, fresh, new mattresses. Upon receiving this email the logical portion of my brain was like 'Oh gosh, what a fortuitous and well timed opportunity! I do need a new mattress!' and the other half of my brain just hissed agressively and scurried back into its cave. 

After careful consideration (mainly considering the things that poor, poor mattress had seen over the last 10 years) I decided it was time for a fresh start. So, I accepted Leesa's offer with a tinge of reluctance. 'We can always keep my precious old mattress in the garage in case I don't like the new one?' Gollum thought to himself I thought. 

I lived in denial until the day the Leesa arrived. I removed myself from the house on the day that my old mattress was put into the garage, from fear I might catch it's eye as it was unceremoniously flopped down the stairs, and feel a pang of guilt. After all it had served me well these 10 years. That night I got into bed feeling almost cocky, nay - DEFIANT, that this mattress wouldn't, COULDN'T compare to my old one. 'It's just a mattress. How can it be that different? How can it be that good?' The fact that the Leesa arrived looking nothing like a mattress - but instead squished up inside a cardboard tube, made me even more distrustful of this intruder. But also kind of intrigued. After it (being curiously flat) was placed on my bed frame, it expanded. It TRIPLED in size without my permission. THE AUDACITY. Come into my room inflating without my say so like some cool space mattress. 

I climbed into bed, atop the Leesa that night with the face of grumpy cat. Fully expecting that this new mattress would be FINE and that I'd pine for my old one, now banished to the garage. I would say after about 15 minutes of what I call 'phone time' (aka scrolling reddit) I thought '...........shit.' CRUEL DEFEAT. I WAS SO COMFORTABLE. I usually take a long, long time to fall asleep but on this night I don't even recall - I fell asleep so quickly, drunk on comfort. OH THE SHAME OF IT. How would I tell my old mattress?! The next morning, I didn't want to get out of bed and that night, I looked forward to the moment that I would be back atop that horizontal palace of dreams. TAKE MY OLD MATTRESS TO THE SKIP, I declared. She served me well, but she has well and truly been usurped. 

Ok - in all seriousness, I am RELUCTANTLY informing you that this mattress is so bloody comfortable, in a way that I'm not even sure I can describe. After sleeping on my Leesa for the last month I can honestly say that I didn't realise how much of a difference a comfortable mattress makes to your night's sleep and subsequently, the productivity of the following day. 

Leesa only make one type of mattress in a variety of sizes, which makes the selection process very simple. The mattress itself is an innovative design of 3 foam layers that adjust to your body in order to provide optimum support - which it certainly does! It's so strange to me how the support a mattress provides had never really occurred to me or concerned me, until I slept on an ACTUAL supportive mattress. The 3 foam layers differ from memory foam in the sense that they don't overheat and they also don't create cavernous dips in the mattress after lying in the same position for a long period of time. Additionally, I've also noticed that I've been enjoying a more peaceful night with less disturbances. Previously I've always woken up numerous times in the night, but recently I've been sleeping through the night entirely and I'm sure it's down to the mattress. Don't ask me why or how... MAGIC?! 

Amazingly they also offer an 100 night risk-free trial period, so if you don't like your mattress they'll come and collect it, and then donate it to a charitable organisation. They are THAT confident that you'll love this mattress. A BALLSY MOVE, LEESA. Leesa are also heavily involved with charity in other ways, as they donate one mattress to a charitable cause for every ten sold. 

If you only take one recommendation I ever give you, take this one and let this opportunity prompt YOU into changing your mattress. Don't do a me. Don't leave it another few years.

You can buy your own horizontal palace of dreams (aka Leesa mattress) here, AND you can also get a massive £100 OFF by using the discount code ARABELLA.

Thank you so much to Leesa for sponsoring this blog post.