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Wednesday 7 February 2018


Coat: here - c/o Laura Ashley.
Earrings: here - c/o Laura Ashley.
Bracelet: here - c/o Laura Ashley.
Skirt: H&M.
Shoes: Mango.
Bag: here - c/o Aspinal.
 - - -

Before you start - yes, the title is 'Spring Pastels'. Yes, I also know that it's not quite spring yet. Just let me bask in my delusions a little while longer and soon enough, spring will truly be upon us! When this beautiful candy coloured coat from Laura Ashley arrived at my door, my mind burst into a pastel themed kaleidoscope of the new wave of fashion, colours and styles that the change of season brings. Surely one can't quite get away with wearing pastels in January, but February... well in February, you're just enough on the cusp to get away with it. 

I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit monochrome in order to keep the focus on the parma violet hued coat. I think often when it comes to styling a statement coat or any coat of a particularly striking colour, the safest option is to keep everything else relatively simple. Alternatively, with this lilac coat, I might mix in a similarly toned lilac or purple via the shoes or another accessory. In this instance, I chose a delicate lace top to add interest but still not draw attention away from the main event, and to keep a foot in our seasonal reality winter, I chose this pleated faux leather skirt.

In terms of other accessories, I absolutely love the way silver looks against lilac, so I chose a pair of hammered silver drop earrings and a matching bracelet, also from Laura Ashley. The earrings and bracelet are such a bright, shiny silver that they really stand out - the earrings in particular, which means that even if I wear my hair down they'll still peek through!

I would also like to add that having worn this coat all day walking around Notting Hill in temperatures so cold that it snowed a little, it is exceptionally warm! Obviously my legs were cold but that's due to my poor decision to wear a micro-skirt on a day cold enough to snow...
I just know that this piece is going to hang on my coat rail all throughout spring and even during the chillier summer months!  

Thank you to Laura Ashley for sponsoring this post.