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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Blue Suede / Wide Leg Trousers - 'Cool' Tailoring with River Island

Jacket: here. Top: here. Trousers: here. Shoes: here. - All c/o River Island

I know the situation - I'm not cool, I never have been. So when River Island contacted me asking if I'd like to put together and feature an outfit I was a bit like '...me? Me, who dresses like an accountant? OK SURE.' I've always considered River Island to be pretty hip, so I took this offer as the fashion equivalent of the cool kids asking me to sit with them at lunch. You might say that I took it as a challenge of sorts. Ideally, I wanted to put together something that still represented what I consider to be 'my style' - tailored & smart, but with an edge of River Island-style cool. I think I managed it.

Being quite firmly within my comfort zone, the wide leg, tailored trousers were the first things I gravitated towards. Once I had that 'safe piece' to build around, I filled out the rest of the outfit with a cage-detail vest, snakeskin strappy shoes and a much-too-trendy-for-me suede biker jacket. You heard it right. A blue biker jacket - with the soft blue detailing of the shoes matching perfectly. 

The trousers were exceptionally comfortable, unrestrictive and soft, so much so that I also maybe possibly might've ordered them in black too. I think they have a perfect 'office chic' kind of look - a look I definitely favour. 

So, thanks River Island for helping me feel a little bit cooler than I actually am.

Saturday 5 March 2016

Pale Blue Trench: Cool-Toned Hues for Spring

Trench: here. Top: River Island (old - alternative here). Bag: here. Trousers: here. Shoes: here. Sunglasses: Miu Miu (sold out). Earrings: Chanel.
- - - 

Spring is officially here, and so I thought I would welcome the new season by creating an all blue-hued, fresh looking outfit. Spring for me, conjures images of blue skies and blooming flowers - blue is certainly a spring colour, but this more frosty, cool toned blue I thought would be acceptable for the current weather situation; COLD. I paired this pale blue trench with my blue lens Miu Miu's and silver Chanel earrings with blue stones. I wanted to continue the cool toned theme so my silver Saint Laurent bag seemed the perfect choice!

I particularly love the rough, unfinished edges of the trench and the black contrasting details; I think it's a perfect 'throw on and go' piece - it looks quite slouchy and 'chill' whilst also appearing structured and put-together. I think it's a really interesting piece and different to anything I already own. It's light and oversized enough to allow for layering underneath, but also the cool blue hue means this will still look spring-approriate when the milder weather finally arrives. I can't wait to mix it up with the rest of my wardrobe! 

What do you think? Are you a fan of coloured trenches?

Tuesday 1 March 2016

My Style Forumla

Jacket: M&S (old - alternative here). Blouse: here. Trousers: here. Skinny Scarf: here. Shoes: Russell & Bromley (old). Bag: here. Sunglasses: Miu Miu (sold out - can't find them anywhere online, sorry!)
- - -
I think this outfit is pretty much a perfect depiction of my style formula; old pieces mixed with new, 'higher end' high street (Reiss/Karen Millen etc) mixed with more affordable offerings (H&M, Topshop etc), topped off with designer accessories. This is my favourite way to dress. For instance, the trousers are new-in from H&M, but the shoes are years old from Russell & Bromley. To me, it makes a lot more sense to splurge on classic pieces that you'll wear over and over again, and use high street shops as your means to stay 'on trend'; for things that you know are more of a phase (I'm looking at you old Topshop harem pants circa 2010). 

I utterly believe that one does not have to be fitted head to toe in designer in order to look stylish - and more importantly, a designer label does not necessarily equate to a higher level of quality. For instance, this pinstripe coat. I honestly think it looks quite *premium*- the quality and cut is great, I've had it for about 3 years and it's free from signs of wear, and you know what? It's from M&S. Hell yeah. I once wore it to fashion week and when people asked 'WHO are you wearing?' and I replied 'Marks and Spencer' - people recoiled in a kind of confused horror, then asked me if it was still available to buy so they could grab themselves one. They loved it!

Alternatively, this frilly blouse with contrasting trim is a new addition. You all know I am simply incapable of resisting anything that even slightly resembles the uniform of a musketeer. I like it because it's sheer in a just-about-acceptable way. 

I also realise I'm not wearing my coat properly again and in many of these photos I look like I've become detached from arms. WANTED: my arms. Reward if found. 
But really, I think a lot of us have just kind of accepted that wearing your coat over your shoulders just looks more *fashion* in photos, but if I walked around like this in real life I'd definitely look like an arse.