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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Blue Suede / Wide Leg Trousers - 'Cool' Tailoring with River Island

Jacket: here. Top: here. Trousers: here. Shoes: here. - All c/o River Island

I know the situation - I'm not cool, I never have been. So when River Island contacted me asking if I'd like to put together and feature an outfit I was a bit like '...me? Me, who dresses like an accountant? OK SURE.' I've always considered River Island to be pretty hip, so I took this offer as the fashion equivalent of the cool kids asking me to sit with them at lunch. You might say that I took it as a challenge of sorts. Ideally, I wanted to put together something that still represented what I consider to be 'my style' - tailored & smart, but with an edge of River Island-style cool. I think I managed it.

Being quite firmly within my comfort zone, the wide leg, tailored trousers were the first things I gravitated towards. Once I had that 'safe piece' to build around, I filled out the rest of the outfit with a cage-detail vest, snakeskin strappy shoes and a much-too-trendy-for-me suede biker jacket. You heard it right. A blue biker jacket - with the soft blue detailing of the shoes matching perfectly. 

The trousers were exceptionally comfortable, unrestrictive and soft, so much so that I also maybe possibly might've ordered them in black too. I think they have a perfect 'office chic' kind of look - a look I definitely favour. 

So, thanks River Island for helping me feel a little bit cooler than I actually am.


  1. Such a cool outfit and I've been having fun trying new styles out myself. You did a great job styling the look Arabella.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. I love this outfit on you, it's great to mix it up sometimes and I agree you definitely achieved the look. I like the biker jacket on you, it brings your usual classic style into today's styles and suits you!! Also the pop of red makes it!


  3. Ehmagard, that jacket is too gorgeous to be true! Obsessed with the color. You are looking gorgeous as always. xx


  4. I love how you've mixed colours, in theory fuchsia and pale blue don't work but they really look great how you've styled them here!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  5. You look beautiful! Perfect spring outfit - I love your amazing red tank!

  6. Superb Post! Especially love your YSL bag! The sunglasses compliment your outfit incredibly well. I personally always love to see women who carry themselves very confidently, and you're certainly one of them!


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