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Sunday 21 October 2012

Dahlia Tapestry Dress / Gothic Heart Necklace

Hello all!
Today, I am utterly delighted (and have also been spending far too much time watching Downton Abbey) to share this beautiful Dahlia Tapestry dress with you. I was so excited to receive it after having had my eye on a tapestry piece for a good while, and I can truthfully say it was worth the wait. This dress fits perfectly and the quality really is second to none; it's definitely something I can see myself being able to 'dress up or down' (I hate that expression!) I'd happily wear this during the day (with a very warm coat of course, I am not mad!) but to photograph such a lovely dress hidden under a coat would be a great shame, hence why I braved the cold! My November is set to be ridiculously busy, so I'm definitely planning on wearing this dress out to a few events!

Dress : c/o Dahlia. Necklace & Shoes : Topshop. Belt : Urban Outfitters.

Sunday 14 October 2012

Jacquard Dress / Mandarin Collar

Hello all!
I've found myself spiralling into a student-loan-burning, hopeless obsession with opalescent fabrics, jacquard co-ordinates & white shirts, rich jewel colours, pearl encrusted jewellery, oriental-inspired embroidery, and velvet detailing. As you might be able to tell, I prefer dressing for A/W immeasurably, so I've really been going (for lack of a better word) a bit ...mental.
So how could anyone blame me for vowing that this utterly beautiful dress WOULD be mine? From it's 100% silk material, to it's elegant mandarin collar. I cannot cope. Ever since my jaw dropped as I saw this victorian-esque printed dress on a mannequin whilst rushing out of Topshop on Oxford Street to meet my brother, I was a woman on a MISSION. A mission that would not be fulfilled until this dress was in my possession! As you can see, I succeeded. I'm besotted with this East-meets-West masterpiece.  
In all honesty, I must be stopped and enough really is enough - BUT this obsession also means that I have countless new outfits to share with you! I'm thinking to myself 'where will I ever find the time to photograph all this?!' but I've made a resolution to do my utmost best to do 2 posts a week, now I seem to be settling into my new, 'no-longer-a-first-year-so-I-actually-have-to-do-some-work' routine at university. 

 Dress & Necklace : Topshop. Shoes : Matalan.