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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Floral Maxi Kimono / Ruffle Bralet / Grey Jewel Necklace / Crepe Skort - Reiss' A/W14 Press Day

Kimono: Topshop. Bralet: ZARA. Skort: Miss Selfridge. Necklace: Primark. Shoes: Kurt Geiger.

Hello all!

Something a little different today. As much as I love my midi skirts, I feel like I can be a bit formulaic sometimes. Top, pretty earrings and a midi skirt. That's me. So, I fancied a change! I've got a small collection of long kimonos that I bring out over the summer, and I'm a big fan of maxi coats - and, thanks to my height I'm able to wear them without looking totally swamped. Therefore, maxi jacket + kimono = PERFECT. Although, I did have visions of me strutting off the tube, the doors shutting behind me and trapping the end of the kimono, ripping it off me as the tube rushed off... thankfully that didn't occur. 

I really, really love this outfit. It still feels very 'me' (cringe) but a bit less prim and proper. The way the kimono floats behind as I walk is wonderful - rather regal in fact! Also, I acquired this crepe skort after wearing my Zara leather skort to almost destruction (I say 'almost' destruction because the zip actually fell off..) and decided that there's a point at which leather becomes unacceptable in the summer. I felt it was a very fitting alternative! 

I wore this outfit to visit the Reiss A/W14 press day, where I was extremely impressed! My highlights were the Gatsby-style beaded dresses, cobalt blue tailored trousers and structured coats with oversized lapels - I was sold! I can't wait for their A/W collection to be released, I've definitely got my eye on a few pieces.. 

(and thanks to Becca for taking my outfit photos!)

Sunday 18 May 2014

Tile Print Jacket / Fine Pleat Midi Skirt / Kurt Geiger Sandals - Coast's A/W Press Day

 Top: c/o Missguided. Jacket: Topshop.  Skirt: ZARA. Shoes: Kurt Geiger. 

Hello all!

Now, I'd like to give you a proper introduction to one of my absolute favourite brands for statement pieces, particularly statement skirts (and don't we all know how shamefully large my midi skirt collection is?). I'll be honest - a couple of years ago, Coast wasn't a brand that filled me with excitement. It mainly conjured images of bridesmaid dresses, and not having been a bridesmaid since I was about 8, I didn't really consider it relevant to me. However, around the end of the year I'd spotted a certain black and gold skirt in a few magazines, which turned out to be by Coast. After seeing this skirt, I knew it HAD to be mine. There was no question about it. It was everything I loved in a skirt; it was full, decadent, midi-length and perfectly over the top! I ended up wearing that skirt to London Fashion Week in February and you can see that post by clicking here. It really opened my eyes to how much Coast, as a brand, had moved on.

Ever since, I've been hooked on Coast skirts. Hooked on the designs, hooked on the flattering waistbands and hooked on the rustly sound they make when I walk. I now have four of their skirts, and you can see my wearing another one of their more colourful, floral skirts by clicking here. I also wore one of their evening dresses to the ballet a couple of weeks ago which you can see by clicking here! I feel like I've said the word 'skirts' too many times in this post but I have no intention of stopping. Skirts. Despite their prettiness, I fully appreciate that £65+ for a skirt isn't what at lot of people would call inexpensive. However, and I've said this before, the quality is SO fantastic, and the fits are so flattering that I really feel like they're worth the money - whether you splurge, save up for one or ask for one for a birthday present.

Happily, the lovely (and very friendly) ladies at Coast invited me down to their A/W Press Day a few days ago. I'm being completely truthful when I say, I've never been to a more beautiful or enjoyable press day! The venue was beautifully decorated, with a flower stand filled to bursting with real flowers and faux autumnal leaves scattered all over the floor, to keep to the A/W theme. As you can see, I've slightly spammed you with photos - I hope you don't mind, it was just all SO beautiful I wanted to share it with you! There are definitely a good few pieces I have my eye on for the upcoming months, I can't wait until the new pieces are released!

I should also mention that despite my clear obsession, this post is not sponsored by Coast. This is my own genuine recommendation, to you!

Sunday 11 May 2014

Tea Blouse / Floral Midi Skirt / Cobalt Blue Courts - Topshop's Spring/Summer Preview and Boohoo's Press Day

 Blouse : Topshop. Skirt : Coast. Necklace : ZARA. Shoes : M&S. 

Hello all!

It is I, Arabella, the adult who has finished university and is no longer in education. How is this possible? So much happened in those 3 years (good & bad, such is life!) and yet, it seems like it's been such a short time since I was trying to decide what on earth to do a degree in. 

This was the outfit I wore to the Boohoo A/W Press Day and the Topshop Spring/Summer Collection Preview hosted by Reward Style - I've added a few images of both events above, so I hope you like those. Becca kindly took these pictures outside the incredible venue for the Boohoo press day, where we snacked on canap├ęs and cocktails whilst enjoying browsing the clothes, some of which I've already dedicated a place in my wardrobe to. We then went on to the Topshop event, where there were several rails of beautiful clothes to peruse, yet MORE cocktails to drink and sushi to eat. Clothes, cocktails and sushi. These are a few of my favourite things. (insert reference to The Sound of Music here)

On to the outfit; more from Coast! I feel like Coast is such an under appreciated brand. You might already know from my previous London Fashion Week outfit & my instagram that I'm a fan of their voluminous midi skirts. I saw a preview of this colourful one in a magazine a few months ago, and since then I've been a woman possessed until the moment I got my hands on it. It goes with a surprising amount of things - which I didn't expect; this little white tea blouse, a cobalt blue roll neck & also, a black ruffled bralet. It's definitely a statement piece and not something I'll be wearing to pop down to Tesco (but actually knowing me, I'm not promising anything..) but even though Coast pieces like this aren't exactly inexpensive, they're always so well made and of such high quality - so, to me, they're worth spending a little bit extra on. I also can't see a day in the near future when I'll go off this piece - which is important too. 

Well, well, well, my dear blog pals - I've now got absolutely no excuse not to post more frequently, so you'll be seeing a lot more of me! It's actually quite strange how much more I'm enjoying even just writing this, I've not got the little voice in the back of my mind saying 'ARABELLA YOU SHOULD BE DOING UNI WORK!' anymore. I feel so fortunate to now be able to call this blog, something I adore so much , my part-time job. Hooray!