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Monday 28 July 2014

An Afternoon at Upton House / Lavish Alice Oxblood Co-ord

All Items Linked Below - Top: c/o Lavish Alice. Skirt: c/o Lavish Alice. Sunglasses: Prada. Shoes: Kurt Geiger.

Hello All!

How are we today? Well I hope!

So, the other day I paid a visit to the the home of Lord and Lady Bearsted, otherwise known as Stately Home, Upton House. It's no longer their home, clearly... if it was, they probably wouldn't have let me in. Luckily for the public, the marvellous sandstone creation was eventually handed on to The National Trust for the likes of us to enjoy, and I'm very glad they did. How else am I going to pretend I'm in Downton Abbey?

I spent the afternoon wondering around the 1930s-style house, roaming the gardens whilst admiring the impressive cedar trees, and pretending not to be out of breath after walking up and down the terrace a few times (there are a lot of steps..ok?) We also ate a considerable amount of cake, which is in my opinion a necessity when visiting a National Trust Property. I think it might even be the law. The garden is incredible when in bloom, but the house itself is a treasure trove of art, vintage furniture, silverware and porcelain, carpets and a multitude of interesting objects  it's like stepping back in time!

Regarding my outfit for the occasion, I saw the visit as a perfectly timed chance to wear and photograph this charming co-ord from Lavish Alice. I'm very impressed with it - it's well cut and fits flatteringly, which is exceedingly important when one plans to, what's a nice way to phrase this... scoff lots of cake. Not only does the skirt move beautifully, but the co-ord kept me perfectly cool all day and in my humble opinion, looking rather stylish too (I try!). In fact, one of the curators of the house even told me I was 'looking elegant', fancy being told that in the house of an actual lord and lady. I'll take that. I could be a happy lady, I'm sure. Lady Arabella. Seems legit...

(Oh, and I'll admit - despite being an avid heel wearer, I admit I changed into flat shoes after the photographs. Thin, pointy heels and lawn do not mix...)

And here's what I'm wearing!

Monday 21 July 2014

Popping to Paris - Duck Egg Midi Skirt by The Eiffel Tower

Click to item; Skirt: c/o Coast. Top: Topshop. Shoes: Kurt Geiger. Bag: Zara. Sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses Shop. Earrings: Chanel.

Hello all!

Quite the change of scenery - no classic London street or back garden for me this evening. 
Last week I hopped on the Eurostar and headed off to Paris for a few days of devouring lots (and lots) of pastries, crepes & carbs, making the stereotypical visit to Laduree and a bit a lot of prancing about, speaking french badly. 

Before I left for Paris, the ever-lovely ladies at Coast had this skirt sped over to me by special delivery in time for my trip (thank you again, Chloe!) and honestly, what can I say? What do I need to say? Just look at it. Gaze upon it. Just, BEHOLD. You'll be able to see that this was a very wet day - the photos were a struggle but I couldn't not take the opportunity!

You may already be aware of the attachment I have to Coast's 'Rita' skirts, after I wore the black and gold version to the last London Fashion Week (click here to see that post if you'd like) - they've released it in a few different colours and I'll tell you now with a slight tinge of shame, that I now own them all. YES. Shun me. Sometimes I wonder if I own too many midi skirts, but then I laugh and realise that's impossible. I think of them as my version of jeans, in the sense that I wear them frequently and they just go with everything. (Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against jeans, they just look horrendous on me.)

Back to the skirt - I appreciate that this is an undeniably more 'formal' piece, but if you're like me and simply don't care about the odd look (how does that man staring quizzically know I'm not going to a ball.. hmmm?) I'd be totally happy, and quite honestly feel like a princess wearing this in the daytime. Life is short, so wear whatever makes you happy (or what the young ragamuffins these days say, 'YOLO'). Although that said, I've already planned how I'm going to style this for the evening; with a little ruffled black bralet to make it a little bit more.. flesh exposing? There's probably a nicer way to say that. Sexy? Evening-appropriate? You get my drift.
& here's what I'm wearing! (or similar...)

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Red Organza Hem Dress - John Mayer Live at The O2! (Insert girlish squeal here.)

  Click through to item; Dress: ASOS. Shoes; Zara - similar here. 

Hello all!

How are you? What have you been upto? I'm in a talkative mood and no one ever replies to these kind of questions in blog posts. I'm being deadly serious - let me know! (That sounds much more threatening than I meant it to...)

Now, music, concerts or 'gigs' as the cool kids call them aren't really things I've ever mentioned on here before. I tend to stick to things I know. Don't get me wrong, I love music, but I wouldn't say I have particularly 'good' or 'individual' taste. I'm raising this because I'd had my eye on this red, organza dress for a few weeks but held myself back because I had nowhere in particular to wear it and no real need of it. However, when the John Mayer concert came along I knew the time had come. I always dress up for John. We're on a first name basis now. In the sense that I know his but he doesn't know mine. 

My friends in real life know that I have a borderline-peculiar love for John Mayer and have done since I was about 12. I've seen him live 5 times and I've also stalked him just a bit. Just casually, you know. Casual stalking. The kind you probably can't get arrested for. He came to speak at The Oxford Union a while ago, which is a kind of 'club' in Oxford where notable people come to talk and there's a chance I hysterically chased followed him to his private room, waited outside like a lunatic and got his autograph. It may have happened. I also may be mildly ashamed but also proud. We'll move on now. 

Essentially, I decided it would be the perfect time to pounce on this dress, and if I may say so myself I felt quite lovely in it. I was definitely the most dressed up person there, but you know me, I often am and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. (Also, I had to make the effort for John. What if he had somehow seen me in the crowd, decided he must have me as he wife and we eloped right then and there? It was crucial for me to look good in case the moment arose. A girl can dream..)

Here's What I'm Wearing...