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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Paris Outfit : Ruffle Shoulder Dress / Pink and Mint Jewel Necklace

Hello all!
...or perhaps more appropriately, bonjour!
I'm back. Do you still remember me? You may have seen from my twitter that I spent the last week in beautiful Paris and it was absolutely wonderful. I'm also sorry for being a very naughty blogger and not scheduling any posts to pop up while I was away. Slap on the wrist for me, but I hope you'll enjoy the series of Paris outfits to come, of which this is the first. I particularly like this one shouldered ruffle dress because it's 100% cotton and so perfect for hot weather! The only downside being it's ever so slightly see through and I was informed by a reliable source that you could vaguely see my knickers in the sunlight. This is obviously not ideal when trying to look all cool and parisian. Let's just hope my usual massive necklace detracted from any flashing possibilities. 

On Monday, we arrived on the Eurostar and did the usual check in and unpack, or in my case - open my suitcase and stir the mess around a bit. Lets just say I'm not an efficient packer. Unfortunately, upon entering France my phone announced 'sim invalid' and has been broken ever since - so I'm having instagram withdrawal. Carl and I then ventured out onto the scorchingly hot Champs Elysees Avenue and made the obligatory trip to Laduree for macaroons, cakes and non-alcoholic cocktails (it was only 5pm afterall.) After that, we made our way to the Arc de Triomphe (oh good grief so many steps to the top) stopping along the way to take some outfit pictures. 

I thought it might be quite sweet to include some scene setting holiday photos along with the outfit ones, so please let me know if you enjoy these and I'll keep including them with the accompanying outfits!

Dress & Belt : ASOS. Necklace & Shoes : ZARA. Sunglasses : Miu Miu c/o Sunglasses Shop. Earrings : H&M. Bag : Chanel (and when is a Chanel bag ever more appropriate than in Paris?)

Friday 12 July 2013

Coral Pleated Skirt / Floaty Crop Top / Jewel and Pearl Necklace

Hello all!

I'm more excited than usual to share this outfit with you for several reasons; the first of which being this necklace. I really love the mixture of the rich jewel colours with the pearls and gold framing. Next, these black, cat eye Miu Miu sunglasses with gold hardware are from Sunglasses Shop and are oh-so-perfect that I just want to wear them all day and all night. I want to wear them while I sleep. Bit weird maybe. Finally, I'm actually wearing flat shoes. I can't remember the last time I wore flat shoes in a blog post. I certainly don't 'dress up' for my blog, I wear the outfits I feature and I do wear low-mid heels almost everyday, but I'm trying to 'cut back' (so tragic) in preparation for my upcoming trip to Paris. I want to feel comfortable walking around all day, rather than being massively aware of my shoes - but generally I tend to feel a bit inelegant and lollopy in flats. It's just because I've become so used to how I look and feel in heels. I've brainwashed myself. Ridiculous, I know. 

I've now mentally filed this outfit as one to take with me on my trip - do you think I'll fit in on the streets of Paris? I heard a couple of weeks ago that to be stylish in Paris you have to be super skinny, blonde and only wear black. 0/3. In that case... do you think they'll even let me out of The Channel Tunnel?

P.s. I'd also love some feedback on this new format - do you prefer my jabberings to come before the outfit images (as usual) or like this, with the images first and text afterwards? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Skirt & Belt : ASOS. Top : River Island. Shoes & Necklace : ZARA. Earrings : H&M. Sunglasses : Miu Miu c/o Sunglasses Shop.

Monday 8 July 2013

Mirrored Orchid Pencil Skirt / Gold Details

Hello all!
This skirt is something a little bit more 'funky' for me (can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate the word 'funky'?). I can only describe the print as a kind of mirrored, digital orchid print - although on closer inspection I'm not sure if they're orchids at all. Hey ho. I do like this combination because I still feel that even though it's relatively conservative in the amount of skin on show, prepare to cringe... it's still a bit 'sexy' (ooo there it is) without having all your bits and pieces out and on show. Whichever way you wear it I feel like it's quite a versatile piece in the sense that I can see someone a bit more edgy (Kavita?) making it look amazing with some trainers/Litas and a cap, because lets be honest; I cannot get away with a cap. I definitely look more like I am involved in some kind of strange Ali-G roleplay rather than channelling my inner Rihanna... can anyone sympathise?

Skirt : Topshop. Top & Belt : ASOS. Shoes : Matalan (but keep that to yourself). Necklace : 80s Vintage.