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Sunday 17 June 2012

Pink Zara Jacket / Studded Collar

Hello all!
So yesterday I spent a lovely day in my hometown, acting as a (rather inept) tour guide for my friend Bianca during her first visit to the beautiful city of Oxford! My particular highlight was definitely climbing to the top of the Carfax Tower, via spiralling stone stairs that went on for an absolute mile - both wearing heels. DEATH. 
Also, on Tuesday I had my hair cut for the first time in about 3 years! (Tragic, I know!) I begged them to only cut the very ends off, so it's barely noticeable - but I did have it re-ombred just to brighten it up a bit. I hope you're all having a beautiful weekend!
(Jacket / Shirt :  Zara. Shorts / Shoes / Earrings : Topshop. Sunglasses : eBay. Neon Nail Varnish : Models Own.)

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Sunday 10 June 2012

Boucle Jacket and Bow Tie in Notting Hill (London - Part 2)

Hello all!
For the first of my few days enjoying the long Jubilee weekend around London, my lovely friend Bianca and I spent an absolutely gorgeous day in Notting Hill exploring, sitting in a street cafe sipping frappuccinos, lusting over the beautiful rows of houses, snooping around the markets and enjoying the local 'sights' (and there are definitely some interesting 'sights' to be seen - mainly involving who I can only assume to be the resident local mad woman throwing cake at pigeons. Yes you read that correctly..)
I apologise for the fact that you've all already seen this outfit before - but at the very least you can be assured from these photos that I do actually wear my 'blog outfits' out and about in real life! (There's nothing wrong with embellishment for the camera, of course - but we all know it's not unusual for some outfits across the internet to never leave the house/back garden!)
(Boucle Jacket : ASOS. Bow Tie/Skirt : Primark(!?) Shirt/Belt : Topshop. Shoes : Topshop 'Allegras'. Sunglasses : eBay. Bag : Chanel.)

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