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Thursday 12 March 2015

Dogtooth Coat (feat. Actual Dog) - Cherry Blossoms in Kensington

In case you hadn't already noticed, I'm quite the coat fiend. I have an impressively (read; embarrassingly) vast collection and yet frequently struggle to find one that 'goes', and with this hoard of outerwear, today I present to you, one that isn't even mine. This giant dogtooth piece 'technically' belongs to my mother. I say 'technically' because I'm definitely going to hang it up on my coat rail and hope she doesn't notice it's absence from hers... 

I wore this on a gloriously sunny Monday, where Becca, Rupert the pug and I caught up over cake. Blossom trees are without a doubt one of my favourite things about spring, and the cherry blossom trees are starting to bloom in London and so of course this required copious photographs and much oo-ing and aa-ing. My eyes are now pointed expectantly towards the bare, twiggy blossom tree in my garden. 

The idea of borrowing my mother's clothes aged 23 would've likely horrified me as a teenager, but now as an 'adult' (cough) myself, I can really appreciate what a stylish mother I have. Do you often borrow clothes from friends, sisters or mothers? Let me know!