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Saturday 8 October 2016

Lace in Shades of Blue

Dress: here. Shoes: similar here. 
- - - 

I feel I should point out, I'm aware it's October. I know this look is quite seasonally confused, and when I first saw this dress I was overcome with autumnal denial. When it arrived, I just had to photograph it, so I threw my coat off and got some strategically placed but irrelevant flowers involved to really emphasise the 'I'M TOTALLY NOT EVEN COLD RIGHT NOW' vibe I was going for. To make matters even funnier, just as we arrived at this pre-selected Tiffany-blue door, the heavens opened. Such irony. If you go back and look at the photos again, you'll probably be able to see that the floor is soaking wet and I'm sitting on the clear plastic that the flowers were wrapped in and I still ended up with a wet bum. Desperate times

Back to the dress itself; it's truly beautiful. Two tones of blue combined in a vintage looking lace, a deep v-neck with trumpet sleeves and scalloped edges. Heaven. I also love the fact that the body is lined, but the sleeves are sheer, meaning the the lace creates even more of a contrast against the skin. Even though it's not entirely weather appropriate, I'm happy to add it to my collection for future wear.

Do you ever buy completely inappropriate clothes for the season? Please help me feel less ridiculous.