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Friday 22 February 2013

Lace Detail Blouse / Velvet-Band Fedora / Jewelled Pendant

Hello all!
So... I'm back... again. Please forgive me for my prolonged absence! I've had a massively hectic - but wonderfully fun week - which included me acquiring a vast amount of photos from London Fashion Week, which I can't wait to share with you all. 
Before that though, I'd like to introduce you to my newest Dahlia piece - this beautiful blouse with delicate contrasting lace shoulders/décolletage. I find it to be a perfect combination of simple and striking - meaning it's still 'enough' for me to wear it alone, but also goes wonderfully with several of my more statement jewellery pieces (which you know I love!). 

 Coat : ZARA. Shirt : c/o Dahlia. Necklace : Accessorize. Trousers & Shoes : Topshop. Hat : Reiss. Earrings : River Island.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Silk Pyjama Suit Jacket / Plaid Trousers / Chanel Bag

Hello all!
I fear I am becoming a bit obsessed with black and white as of late (perhaps I should consider changing career paths entirely, move to France and become a mime?) The parts of my spring wardrobe I've already started collecting do actually contain some colour - but recently I've discovered what most people already know; black and white just go together so well...
I bought this pyjama-style suit on Friday, along with its matching trousers - which I initially planned to wear together. Despite these plans, when I got home and re-assesed the situation I decided the matching suit worn in the way that it's supposed to be is a little bit too predictable for me, I'd like to think you are accustomed to me enough by now to know that I favour something slightly more mad. (I did actually want to walk around with a pipe tucked into the jacket pocket so I could furrow my brow and pretend to smoke it whilst thinking, but my ever-descreasing sense of shame/public embarrassment stopped me. On this occasion.)

Jacket, Shoes & Shirt : ZARA. Bow-Tie : ASOS. Trousers : Topshop. Sunglasses : Miu Miu. Bag : Chanel.

Sunday 3 February 2013

Parisian Sheer-Sleeved Dress with Contrasting Collar / Cuffs.

Hello all!
This week it was decided that in July, I'll be taking a trip to Paris. I'm ashamed to say, I've never visited France in anything other than a 'school trip' capacity. (In fact, I remember distinctly - I stayed in a youth hostel where the walls were so atrociously sticky that you could unpack, press your clothes against the walls and voila.. no wardrobe needed. Sadly I'm not joking for comedic value.) Despite this rather 'unpleasant' experience, my own idea of paris is marginally more artistic, inspiring and romantic. Even though it's barely February and the temperature in the UK is struggling to rise above 8 degrees, I've found myself collecting a few extra Parisian-inspired pieces. If I can imagine myself wearing it whilst ambling down L'Avenue des Champs Elysées (possibly wearing a ridiculously big hat and cat-eye sunglasses) then I'm powerless to resist.

Dress : ASOS. Belt & Earrings : Topshop. 

As well as the fact that this dress was justifiable when set up against my criteria, I also think it's  extremely wearable, day and night. I appreciate that some people might consider it a bit dressy for the day, but I'm sure you'll know by now that the fear of over-dressing isn't really an issue for me. I've already worn it out for dinner and will definitely be wearing it on days out during the warmer months!