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Saturday 24 November 2012

Motel Bloggers Christmas Party

Hello all! 
On Monday night I had the most amazing evening at the Motel Bloggers Christmas Showcase Party (what a mouthful) - and it was definitely one of my most enjoyable blogger events yet! In fact, I feel like I was having a such a lovely time, I barely took any pictures.. although you may disagree when you scroll down. I also brought Kate with me, my best friend since I was 11 - who I love very much (see photo directly below!) 
A particular highlight of the evening for me was having my hair done by Lee Stafford himself - the entire time I was just like THIS IS MY LIFE (apart from I'm never as hot as Anne Hathaway at the end.) I had complete trust in him, although, as there was no mirror, when he started putting rollers in I was having visions of THIS MOMENT. Enough Princess Diaries references.. I'm 21, not 12! (in one week..)
There were so many beautiful clothes, cocktails and canapés, and it was also wonderful to meet so many lovely bloggers in real life; Michelle, Aisling, Lydia, Nishita, Lexi, Kaori, Lauren, Kim, Jo, Maria, ChelseaJade & Jai'me! (Huge apologies if I've missed anyone out!) 

Jacket : ZARA. Shirt & Trousers : Topshop. Embellished Bow-Tie : ASOS. Bag : Chanel. (Hair Ribbon : probably the ribbon off an old GlossyBox..)

Sunday 18 November 2012

Cut Out Maxi Dress / Pearl and Crystal Cape (at the Love Event!)

Hello all!
On Thursday evening I attended Love's 'Next Top Designer' Competition, where I acted as a 'blogger judge' for the evening! I was overjoyed when I realised that this meant I'd have the chance at long last to wear a rather daring love dress that had been hanging in my wardrobe just waiting for the opportune moment, but ALSO that I would, by attending, be able to meet the very lovely ladies; Megan, Steph, SophieLyzi, Kim and last but certainly not least, Paige (who's incredible dress design was in the final 5!) 
As I'm sure you all know, I am really not one to wear anything too risqué/'figure hugging' (at least not in public.. in the daytime.. in front of other humans, at least) purely because I find it a bit too 'cheeky' - there is a time and a place for these things! So I was surprised to say the least when I found myself drawn to this black cut-out maxi dress with structured shoulders. Of course, I had to add an eye-catching accessory in the form of this pearl and crystal cape, to detract attention from.. well, we're all friends here so let's be honest.. the chest area. 
I was also so pleased that two of the girls I'd given away tickets for the event to managed to make it; Cath & Ami (who as it turns out, coincidentally had once worked a shift with me in the Topshop I work in!!) 

Dress : c/o Love. Pearl & Crystal Cape : River Island. Shoes : Topshop 'Shackles'.

Monday 12 November 2012

Boucle Jacket / Collar Chain / Metallic Paisley Skirt

Hello all!
I must begin by apologising for my absence over the past week (you've all heard that before!) but as some of you may know through following me on twitter and instagram, I've been involved with Oxford Fashion Week since last Monday. In total there were 3 shows, so I'll be sharing my outfit photos from the events along with catwalk shots in the upcoming week, so keep your eyes peeled if you're at all interested in that! 
These photos are from last Monday night, where we kicked off the week with a champagne reception and a showing of Coco Before Chanel, in a lovely vintage-style cinema. Of course, with a major part of the evening being an homage to Chanel herself, I couldn't help but dress myself accordingly in a (Topshop lol) Chanel-esque boucle jacket paired with a black lace shirt and accompanying lion-head collar chain (inspired by the ravishingly beautiful Kelly of 'A Twenty Something'!) and my precious Chanel bag - it would've been rude not to!

Jacket & Skirt : Topshop. Shirt : Sister Jane. Bag : Chanel. Shoes : Matalan (but keep that between you and me! /creepywink)

Sunday 4 November 2012

Lace Sleeves / Peter Pan Collar / Netted Skirt

Hello all! 
I'm currently sat sulking in the study listening to the sound of fireworks and watching them from the window. I feel like a dog locked in the conservatory at a barbecue. I love fireworks night but none of the maybe-we-will plans I made came to fruition, which leaves me at home with a pack of mad poodles and quite a lot of work to do. 
(If you're not from the UK, on and around the 5th of November we always have firework displays & bonfires where it is obligatory for all children to loose one glove and all adults to complain about a strained neck.)
Thinking happily ahead to the 'party season' and the many events I'm looking forward to attending, I thought it might be a sweet idea to share my favourite little black dress with you. I usually find 'LBDs' to be a bit of a boring cop-out, but this one I absolutely love! I have quite a small waist in comparison with 'everything else' (lets not go there) so I find it notoriously difficult to find things that fit my waist, but this dress was PERFECT.
Let me know what your plans are/were for fireworks night so I can cry and pretend I was there..

Dress 1 (with sleeves) : Jones and Jones. Dress 2 (bow-back) : c/o Jones and Jones.

I also thought it'd just be rude no to throw in a picture of a bow-back dress Jones and Jones were kind enough to send me, as it's equally lovely (if not a little more revealing than my usual taste) so I was a bit aprehensive to flash you all if I turned around - you can check it out here!)