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Saturday 28 September 2013

Black Lace Sleeve Dress / Autumnul Floral Headpiece

Dress : c/o Gorgeous Couture. Belt : ASOS.  Headpiece : Rock N' Rose

Hello all!

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the rather sparse blog posts as of late. I've just finished my first week into my 3rd year at university, and also the first week living in my new shared house. I'm hoping to get into the routine of roping someone into photographing my outfits a few times a week whilst I'm there and editing them when I can. 
Anyway, before I assume the usual leather trousers + shirt + long coat +fur stole infallible winter during-semester combo, I was rather pleased to have an opportunity to dress up, and dress up I did in this beautiful Gorgeous Couture Dress. The lace of the in particular is perfectly detailed; I'm crossing my fingers for a chance to wear this in the near future and I couldn't resist adding this beautifully autumnal floral headpiece; we all know I like to overdress for every occasion but it's not exactly daywear appropriate.

Sunday 22 September 2013

LFW Day 5 Outfit : Pink Coat / Emerald Jewellery / Black Faux Fur

Coat, Top & Necklace : ZARA. Fur Collar : ASOS. Earrings & Skirt : Topshop.  Umbrella : Accessorise. 

Hello all!

I'm writing this from my new room for the next 7 months, in my new house at university where I start my 3rd and final year tomorrow! (If you want to see any photos of my room, check my instagram @arabellagolby) 
I'd been accumulating various bits and pieces over the last month or so that I hadn't got around to styling into an outfit. My little collection included; a beautiful pink coat, a blouse with a leather collar (purchased in a Parisian Zara which somehow makes it even more exciting), an incredibly OTT necklace and some equally extravagant green earrings. They'd all been sitting around being admired but going unworn  So, on the 5th day of London Fashion Week I just decided to chuck them (couldn't think of a more elegant word than 'chuck') all on at once. Voila. As it turns out, it's by far one of my favourite outfits, ever. It's just the perfect mixture of everything that I love. Pink, emerald green, obnoxiously large jewels, fur (faux, of course) leather, collars, midi skirts, checks AND to top it all off, my favourite weather; rain. My friend Bianca and I truly had to battle with the elements to capture these photos - we were well and truly sodden by the time we reached the new american fast food chain 'Shake Shack' in Covent Garden where we'd planned to have a late lunch. I think it's safe to say that we were slightly overdressed for the occasion. 

Wednesday 18 September 2013

LFW Day 1 Outfit : Tartan Suit / Pointed Heels / Umbrella...

Hello all!

You might already know I'm quite a fan of the feminine-androgynous look. By 'feminine androgynous', which seems a bit contradictory - I mean I enjoy taking something quite traditionally masculine, like a suit, and adding particularly feminine elements like a pussybow blouse, cat eye sunglasses and a ribbon tied into a bow on the end of a plait - as I've done here! If you've been monitoring the London Fashion Week coverage you'll be aware of the weather situation. I saw someone tweet a couple of days ago; 'LFW = London Flood Weed.' It's true. It poured. I'd brought my goes-with-everything black umbrella, and with hair tightly contained in the high-plait there wasn't much chance of a frizz flare-up, so I wasn't too concerned, I actually found it quite pleasantly atmospheric. This was a last minute outfit decision although I'd had this suit hanging up on my 'new in' rail for about a week, and I adore it. The shoes however, are deadly (yet beautiful) in a way that is difficult to describe. A feeling I had not experienced from shoes. I said to various people throughout the day who inquired after the wellbeing of my feet - that they weren't painful on my feet, but on my calves  Oh my god my calves. They should market these shoes as a device for calf-toning. 

I was also so happy to see lots of blogger friends, and to make new ones! (I'm looking at you, Becca, Amy & Naomi!)