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Friday 27 June 2014

Graphic Paint Print Midi / Ruffle Bralet / Bouquet of Peonies (which are a completely appropriate accessory...)

Hello all and Happy Friday!

Another midi skirt. I know, I know. I'm sorry. As if I needed another one. Do you ever see visions of yourself wearing an item somewhere and think 'I must make this vision a reality!' or even 'when I have this skirt my wardrobe will be complete.' Well, I tell myself all kinds of stories to justify a purchase I probably shouldn't make. I often try and talk myself out of it but in this case I was unsuccessful ...Oops!  Although, to be fair I have been a Lizzie McGuire style outfit repeater and worn this numerous times as I adore it beyond words. Although it's quite a statement print, I also think it's timeless and not obviously from anywhere in particular - in the sense that you don't look at it and think 'that's obviously from Topshop/Zara' which is nice for a change. 

I wore this for a perfect Sunday outing with my friend Bianca. First we headed to Columbia Road Market to peruse the flowers, and we both picked up a couple of bunches of peonies (so stereotypical blogger/so original) Then we made our way to the rather well known hipster haunt The Breakfast Club for brunch. Here is where I should be a good and professional blogger, by presenting you with copious photographs of pancakes laden with fresh fruit from several different angles. However, when the obligatory instagram photo had been taken I couldn't quite stop myself from devouring them like a wild animal, all before I'd had the chance to take out my camera. Oops again. Must try harder next time.

P.S. You might notice I've added a rather snazzy new 'Shop The Post' feature below, which I really hope you'll enjoy! I think it makes things a lot easier if you feel compelled to search for an item I've featured. 

Wednesday 25 June 2014

My HD Brows Experience - Tinting, Waxing and Shaping

Something a little different this evening. I've been working on this for a while and have been so excited to start experimenting with beauty blogging! Here I go... 

So, eyebrows. As a rule, everyone has them. So, they seemed like a pretty apt topic for my first beauty related post! You'll probably have already noticed that over the last few years or so, brows have become a BIG DEAL. Like, a super big deal. I still remember the day I realised that eyebrows were something you could change/tamper with, besides plucking. I didn't know that putting make up on your eyebrows was a thing until I was about 18/19...  truly!  Since my magnificent and life-changing discovery (being somewhat dramatic here) that you could FILL IN your eyebrows, I'd never had them professionally done. Although, when I was younger my mother would occasionally chase me around with a pair of tweezers. However, when JH Hair and Beauty, a beauty salon local to my parental home offered me an HD Brows experience to review, I was intrigued and so accepted.

As you'll see below, I photographed two appointments on two separate ocassions. The first was the full HD Brows treatment including tinting & the 
second was the HD Brows shaping/waxing. 

The full HD Brows Treatment & tinting process; The first appointment I had was the full HD brows treatment, that's shaping, waxing & tinting. The first set of photos are of the tinting process (when the tint went on things got a bit Miranda Sings). Honestly, the tinting wasn't for me. I feel it was a bit too 'dramatic' for my taste, and I really don't need it as my brows are very dark already - however, it would be fantastic for someone who has lighter brows and prefers them to look darker, or even just for someone who doesn't like having to fill them in every morning. It's also a great treatment to do before a holiday or special occasion if you don't want to have to maintain it constantly!

(It feels a bit odd sharing SUCH close up photos as it really shows up bad skin patches and wrinkles which is delightful for you all to see, but hey, we're all friends here!)

    The Full HD Brows Treatment

Shaping & Waxing
Shaping & Waxing; Now is where I can really start praising the process. I adore how my brows look after they've been shaped and I can hardly believe that I went so long without trying it! Somehow, every time I have them shaped now, I feel as though the end result looks thicker despite the fact that hairs have been removed. How does that work?! I'm hooked for life.

My conclusion; I'd reccommend the full HD Brows treatment to anyone who has naturally lighter hair than me, sparser brows or even someone who just prefers a stronger eyebrow look. If that's the case - the tinting is for you! As you'll be able to see, the second set of photos demonstrate my usual look much more accurately and it's now become a part of my usual routine. I'd recommend the HD shaping/waxing process to anyone who has eyebrows. So basically everyone..

Thank you to Jay from JH Hair and Beauty for inspiring me to do this post. 
I so hope you like this post, and please let me know if you'd be interested in me continuing creating posts on beauty related topics!

Saturday 14 June 2014

Lace Bralet / Lace Pencil Skirt / Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Bralet & Skirt: Topshop. Sunglasses: Stella McCartney c/o Pretavoir. Shoes: c/o Daniel Footwear. 

Hello all!

It's a quick lace on lace outfit today! I was struggling initially to choose what to pair with this pencil skirt, and in the end I thought well.. why not a bit more lace? I'm rather happy with the result. I'm not sure if I'd wear this in the day, as the bralet is a little more skimpy than I'm comfortable with for day-to-day attire, but I'll certainly wear it on a warm evening this summer! 

This skirt is surprisingly comfortable and un-restrictive (is that a word?) thanks to the slit up the back (really, how ugly is the word 'slit'... but what else can I call it?) I also added a pair of beautiful pointed courts from Daniel Footwear, which I must say are supremely comfortable. I've started calling them my 'adult' shoes as they remind me of something you might wear to work in an office. That makes me sound terribly childish doesn't it? But honestly, who hasn't ever bought something and dubbed it their 'date dress' or their 'grown up shoes' - I feel like it's just a way of making what might be considered more 'basic' items seem more fun! 

I finished off the outfit with these beautiful dappled sunglasses by Stella McCartney which were very kindly sent to me by Pretavoir. I'd had my eye on them ever since seeing them on Miranda Kerr. Obviously I put the usual logic into practice; if I have the same sunglasses as Miranda Kerr I will likely become Miranda Kerr. Still waiting..

Wednesday 4 June 2014

White Shirt / Longline Waistcoat with Fur Detail / Leather Trousers - A Trip to Columbia Road Flower Market

 Shirt & Waistcoat: Zara. Trousers: Topshop. Shoes: M&S. Sunglasses: Miu Miu.

Hello all!
Photo spam alert. Last Sunday I visited the world renowned Columbia Road Flower Market with my friend Bianca, which is tucked away in the East End of London. The usually rather average looking street comprised of cafes, pubs, antique shops and galleries is transformed into an unimaginable rainbow of colours and noise, with flowers piled high everywhere you turn! So, for this reason I hope you'll forgive me for the slightly unnecessary number of photos. (It was an instagrammers heaven I'm slightly ashamed to say..) I'm also extremely glad I remembered to take my hayfever tablet or it may have turned into a rather unpleasant, sniffly trip. Before visiting the market I also learned that interestingly, the market itself has been running every sunday since 1896 - how incredible is that? 

I saw several people buying bunches of flowers wrapped in brown paper, strapping them into the basket of their bike and cycling off! How I would've loved to be one of them - the cocktails that awaited me that evening meant that any flowers I may have bought would have had to survive through the rest of the day & evening, and would've possibly be left on the bus/tube after a drink too many..  

My outfit was perhaps a bit lacking in colour for the occasion, but the weather man had assured me that it was going to be a rather dull and drizzly day! Although as you can see, the sky turned blue for our rooftop cocktails above Trafalgar Square where our two became four when we were joined by the lovely Maggie and Emmy. We then headed to The Diner where we consumed a shameful amount of cheesey fries. Such elegant behaviour, as always..
I feel my outfit served me well that day - it's rather hard to dress appropriately for a visit to a market followed by drinks later that evening. I think I managed it though, I didn't feel too ridiculous at either ocassion which can only be a good thing.

Have you ever visited Columbia Road Flower Market? If so, did you enjoy it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!