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Saturday 14 June 2014

Lace Bralet / Lace Pencil Skirt / Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Bralet & Skirt: Topshop. Sunglasses: Stella McCartney c/o Pretavoir. Shoes: c/o Daniel Footwear. 

Hello all!

It's a quick lace on lace outfit today! I was struggling initially to choose what to pair with this pencil skirt, and in the end I thought well.. why not a bit more lace? I'm rather happy with the result. I'm not sure if I'd wear this in the day, as the bralet is a little more skimpy than I'm comfortable with for day-to-day attire, but I'll certainly wear it on a warm evening this summer! 

This skirt is surprisingly comfortable and un-restrictive (is that a word?) thanks to the slit up the back (really, how ugly is the word 'slit'... but what else can I call it?) I also added a pair of beautiful pointed courts from Daniel Footwear, which I must say are supremely comfortable. I've started calling them my 'adult' shoes as they remind me of something you might wear to work in an office. That makes me sound terribly childish doesn't it? But honestly, who hasn't ever bought something and dubbed it their 'date dress' or their 'grown up shoes' - I feel like it's just a way of making what might be considered more 'basic' items seem more fun! 

I finished off the outfit with these beautiful dappled sunglasses by Stella McCartney which were very kindly sent to me by Pretavoir. I'd had my eye on them ever since seeing them on Miranda Kerr. Obviously I put the usual logic into practice; if I have the same sunglasses as Miranda Kerr I will likely become Miranda Kerr. Still waiting..


  1. What a cute outfit! Love it <3


  2. You look amazing :)

  3. Perfect look! I love the lace on lace, very elegant :)

    Tilly xx

  4. This is such a classy look, you look lovely x


  5. This is just stunning. I do look at you and just fall in love, if you're put together like this all the time (like your blog outfits) I literally bow down to you. You're so gorgeous, and this outfit is just lovely- love a bit of lace xx

  6. Stunning outfit! I have a similar skirt but I bought the matching crop shirt to wear with it to turn it in to a dress :) xx


  7. i love this outfit so much, lace is my favourite and these pieces are classic ! You look gorgeous
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Stunning! Those sunglasses are really beautiful, and such an unusual pattern!

  9. I LOVE this lace on lace! The lip colour is fabulous too.
    I also have 'adult shoes' haha, how sad.

    Hannah x

  10. Love the bralet, and those sunglasses are beaut. They really suit you!

    Faye x

  11. Gorgeous outfit! you look so elegant & beautiful :)

    Hayley xx

  12. These sunglasses are so classy!
    Great look :)

  13. Ahh this look is so gorgeous! Love the lace on lace look. So feminine xx
    Julia in Disguise


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