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Wednesday 25 June 2014

My HD Brows Experience - Tinting, Waxing and Shaping

Something a little different this evening. I've been working on this for a while and have been so excited to start experimenting with beauty blogging! Here I go... 

So, eyebrows. As a rule, everyone has them. So, they seemed like a pretty apt topic for my first beauty related post! You'll probably have already noticed that over the last few years or so, brows have become a BIG DEAL. Like, a super big deal. I still remember the day I realised that eyebrows were something you could change/tamper with, besides plucking. I didn't know that putting make up on your eyebrows was a thing until I was about 18/19...  truly!  Since my magnificent and life-changing discovery (being somewhat dramatic here) that you could FILL IN your eyebrows, I'd never had them professionally done. Although, when I was younger my mother would occasionally chase me around with a pair of tweezers. However, when JH Hair and Beauty, a beauty salon local to my parental home offered me an HD Brows experience to review, I was intrigued and so accepted.

As you'll see below, I photographed two appointments on two separate ocassions. The first was the full HD Brows treatment including tinting & the 
second was the HD Brows shaping/waxing. 

The full HD Brows Treatment & tinting process; The first appointment I had was the full HD brows treatment, that's shaping, waxing & tinting. The first set of photos are of the tinting process (when the tint went on things got a bit Miranda Sings). Honestly, the tinting wasn't for me. I feel it was a bit too 'dramatic' for my taste, and I really don't need it as my brows are very dark already - however, it would be fantastic for someone who has lighter brows and prefers them to look darker, or even just for someone who doesn't like having to fill them in every morning. It's also a great treatment to do before a holiday or special occasion if you don't want to have to maintain it constantly!

(It feels a bit odd sharing SUCH close up photos as it really shows up bad skin patches and wrinkles which is delightful for you all to see, but hey, we're all friends here!)

    The Full HD Brows Treatment

Shaping & Waxing
Shaping & Waxing; Now is where I can really start praising the process. I adore how my brows look after they've been shaped and I can hardly believe that I went so long without trying it! Somehow, every time I have them shaped now, I feel as though the end result looks thicker despite the fact that hairs have been removed. How does that work?! I'm hooked for life.

My conclusion; I'd reccommend the full HD Brows treatment to anyone who has naturally lighter hair than me, sparser brows or even someone who just prefers a stronger eyebrow look. If that's the case - the tinting is for you! As you'll be able to see, the second set of photos demonstrate my usual look much more accurately and it's now become a part of my usual routine. I'd recommend the HD shaping/waxing process to anyone who has eyebrows. So basically everyone..

Thank you to Jay from JH Hair and Beauty for inspiring me to do this post. 
I so hope you like this post, and please let me know if you'd be interested in me continuing creating posts on beauty related topics!


  1. Eyebrow game hella strong. I live for your eyebrows they're so nice! Also, this is the perfect first beauty post! I look forward to more x

  2. you look amazing. this is a great post :) xx

  3. Fab post, I've always wondered about HD brows. Yes to more beauty posts :)

  4. fab! must try.

  5. I agree and find the full HD far too dramatic, yet whenever I get my brows done my stylist always insists on doing it. Your brows look lovely in the second set of photographs, it looks much more natural, but still so tame and well shaped!


  6. eyebrows sort the face out so well! yours frame it beautifully, the second one is my favourite. I'm really tempted to get this done! tweezermans might be pushed to the back of the drawer after seeing this! xo


  7. I think your eyebrows look great and I'm definitely going to try the HD Brows now. Thanks x

  8. Eyebrows look great and your eyelashes are amazing! Do you just use strip lashes? xo

  9. your eyes are so amazing, and i think the second appointment looks better than the filled brows, it looks a bit too done on you - your brows are naturally so pretty !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I love this post you should definitely do more beauty posts! I think your brows look amazing in the last pic!


  11. Looking lovely! :)

    Can't wait to see more beauty posts! x

  12. I always think you have incredible eyebrows anyway!

    I think I'd just look stupid with HD brows! I'm so blonde!

    Katie <3

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