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Wednesday 4 June 2014

White Shirt / Longline Waistcoat with Fur Detail / Leather Trousers - A Trip to Columbia Road Flower Market

 Shirt & Waistcoat: Zara. Trousers: Topshop. Shoes: M&S. Sunglasses: Miu Miu.

Hello all!
Photo spam alert. Last Sunday I visited the world renowned Columbia Road Flower Market with my friend Bianca, which is tucked away in the East End of London. The usually rather average looking street comprised of cafes, pubs, antique shops and galleries is transformed into an unimaginable rainbow of colours and noise, with flowers piled high everywhere you turn! So, for this reason I hope you'll forgive me for the slightly unnecessary number of photos. (It was an instagrammers heaven I'm slightly ashamed to say..) I'm also extremely glad I remembered to take my hayfever tablet or it may have turned into a rather unpleasant, sniffly trip. Before visiting the market I also learned that interestingly, the market itself has been running every sunday since 1896 - how incredible is that? 

I saw several people buying bunches of flowers wrapped in brown paper, strapping them into the basket of their bike and cycling off! How I would've loved to be one of them - the cocktails that awaited me that evening meant that any flowers I may have bought would have had to survive through the rest of the day & evening, and would've possibly be left on the bus/tube after a drink too many..  

My outfit was perhaps a bit lacking in colour for the occasion, but the weather man had assured me that it was going to be a rather dull and drizzly day! Although as you can see, the sky turned blue for our rooftop cocktails above Trafalgar Square where our two became four when we were joined by the lovely Maggie and Emmy. We then headed to The Diner where we consumed a shameful amount of cheesey fries. Such elegant behaviour, as always..
I feel my outfit served me well that day - it's rather hard to dress appropriately for a visit to a market followed by drinks later that evening. I think I managed it though, I didn't feel too ridiculous at either ocassion which can only be a good thing.

Have you ever visited Columbia Road Flower Market? If so, did you enjoy it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. You look stunning Miss A! So chic and I love the pop of cobalt with the shoes <3 Gx

  2. such a perfection! I'm in love with your outfit and photos! :)


  3. You're so elegant! It makes me want to buy pretty blouses, wear red lipstick, and pretend I am equally as elegant! Haha :)

    Mind > Matter

  4. Ah I wish I could raid your wardrobe!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! The flower market looks wonderful. I adore the classic white and black look and the pop of blue from your shoes....effortlessly chic as always Arabella!

  6. wow that is a flower lovers dream looks ( and probably smelled ) amazing!


  7. I'd love to visit the flower market it looks glorious ! You and your outfit are simply stunning as per :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  8. You always look so elegantly chic, beautiful miss! x

  9. I thought your outfit was lovely, also it got rather chilly that evening on top of the Trafalgar so at least you were well wrapped up!

    Katie <3

  10. Great post, Arabella! And the outfit is just perfect, I wouldn't change a single detail about it! <3

    Victoria, 'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

  11. This is such a beaut outfit! You look amazing xx
    Julia in Disguise

  12. All the flowers look beautiful! Lovely outfit too, so classy!


  13. Amazing style and pictures!! <3

    Kisses, Kali
    My blog | Giveaway

  14. Really love the outfit! What i would do for a chanel :(

    Love Cheap Frills x

  15. I LOVE columbia flower market - it's a two minute walk from my house so I go there most Sundays. In fact I did a little post of my own about it - http://haveyouheardthelatest.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/columbia-flower-market-hackney-farm/ - xx

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  17. LOVE the waistcoat! Heels match the look perfectly. All your photographs are so beautiful :)

    - http://lauralollylouise.blogspot.co.uk/


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