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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Floral Maxi Kimono / Ruffle Bralet / Grey Jewel Necklace / Crepe Skort - Reiss' A/W14 Press Day

Kimono: Topshop. Bralet: ZARA. Skort: Miss Selfridge. Necklace: Primark. Shoes: Kurt Geiger.

Hello all!

Something a little different today. As much as I love my midi skirts, I feel like I can be a bit formulaic sometimes. Top, pretty earrings and a midi skirt. That's me. So, I fancied a change! I've got a small collection of long kimonos that I bring out over the summer, and I'm a big fan of maxi coats - and, thanks to my height I'm able to wear them without looking totally swamped. Therefore, maxi jacket + kimono = PERFECT. Although, I did have visions of me strutting off the tube, the doors shutting behind me and trapping the end of the kimono, ripping it off me as the tube rushed off... thankfully that didn't occur. 

I really, really love this outfit. It still feels very 'me' (cringe) but a bit less prim and proper. The way the kimono floats behind as I walk is wonderful - rather regal in fact! Also, I acquired this crepe skort after wearing my Zara leather skort to almost destruction (I say 'almost' destruction because the zip actually fell off..) and decided that there's a point at which leather becomes unacceptable in the summer. I felt it was a very fitting alternative! 

I wore this outfit to visit the Reiss A/W14 press day, where I was extremely impressed! My highlights were the Gatsby-style beaded dresses, cobalt blue tailored trousers and structured coats with oversized lapels - I was sold! I can't wait for their A/W collection to be released, I've definitely got my eye on a few pieces.. 

(and thanks to Becca for taking my outfit photos!)


  1. Love the outfit! Beautiful necklace <3


  2. Love the Reiss collection. You look amazing, everything about your outfit is perfect.

    Jess x


  3. I'm obsessed with this look! You look stunning xx

  4. You look amazing, I love that kimono! I'm too small to pull something like that off unfortunately.

    holly la beau

  5. insanely beautiful!

  6. Ah im excited for reiss now! Look at all those clothes!

  7. Love this outfit. You always look so put together and amazing!
    X Emma-Hermagination

  8. Your outfit is perfect!


  9. Arabella I found your blog via Bloglovin's "Find new blogs" feature last week - and I'm so glad I did! I adore your femininity and beautiful accessories, I'd never have thought of putting a kimono (love the print) over a skort. Gorgeous :)))

    I'm going to enjoy going through your archives and coming back for more! Following you in all the usual places I think now.

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

  10. Love your kimono, your outfit is beautiful! X


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