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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tea Blouse / Floral Midi Skirt / Cobalt Blue Courts - Topshop's Spring/Summer Preview and Boohoo's Press Day

 Blouse : Topshop. Skirt : Coast. Necklace : ZARA. Shoes : M&S. 

Hello all!

It is I, Arabella, the adult who has finished university and is no longer in education. How is this possible? So much happened in those 3 years (good & bad, such is life!) and yet, it seems like it's been such a short time since I was trying to decide what on earth to do a degree in. 

This was the outfit I wore to the Boohoo A/W Press Day and the Topshop Spring/Summer Collection Preview hosted by Reward Style - I've added a few images of both events above, so I hope you like those. Becca kindly took these pictures outside the incredible venue for the Boohoo press day, where we snacked on canap├ęs and cocktails whilst enjoying browsing the clothes, some of which I've already dedicated a place in my wardrobe to. We then went on to the Topshop event, where there were several rails of beautiful clothes to peruse, yet MORE cocktails to drink and sushi to eat. Clothes, cocktails and sushi. These are a few of my favourite things. (insert reference to The Sound of Music here)

On to the outfit; more from Coast! I feel like Coast is such an under appreciated brand. You might already know from my previous London Fashion Week outfit & my instagram that I'm a fan of their voluminous midi skirts. I saw a preview of this colourful one in a magazine a few months ago, and since then I've been a woman possessed until the moment I got my hands on it. It goes with a surprising amount of things - which I didn't expect; this little white tea blouse, a cobalt blue roll neck & also, a black ruffled bralet. It's definitely a statement piece and not something I'll be wearing to pop down to Tesco (but actually knowing me, I'm not promising anything..) but even though Coast pieces like this aren't exactly inexpensive, they're always so well made and of such high quality - so, to me, they're worth spending a little bit extra on. I also can't see a day in the near future when I'll go off this piece - which is important too. 

Well, well, well, my dear blog pals - I've now got absolutely no excuse not to post more frequently, so you'll be seeing a lot more of me! It's actually quite strange how much more I'm enjoying even just writing this, I've not got the little voice in the back of my mind saying 'ARABELLA YOU SHOULD BE DOING UNI WORK!' anymore. I feel so fortunate to now be able to call this blog, something I adore so much , my part-time job. Hooray! 


  1. I adore this skirt!

    Oh my gosh, amazing!


  2. :O stunning skirt-and I can't wait to see your ruffled bralet. Yay fir finishing uni- now you're free!

  3. That skirt is just the prettiest thing and paired with those blue heels, so dreamy! <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. You look so gorgeous and ladylike! I love the shape of your top


  5. That skirt is EVERYTHING. It's gorgeous and you look great in it :) X

  6. Absolutely stunning outfit, love the skirt's print.


  7. very elegant, love the skirt print. that pink/cream fur rack looks AMAZING. i look forward to more blogposts! xo

  8. Your midi skirt collection is absolutely stunning!

  9. This look is amazing! Looks quite vintage inspired but I love the blue tone, I've been loving blue this spring. Such a lovely look! X


  10. I have another year to go on uni but come Friday I'll be finished for this year and free till September so I can't wait for that! No more guilty 'you shouldn't be blogging, you should be studying' voices for me ;)

  11. love! pretty shoes

  12. That skirt is too die for, and what a perfect combination with the matching jewelry...and not to forget that gorgeous red lipstick! Looks like it was a great event...and hooray for finishing uni...now it's into the real world!


  13. Congratulations on finishing uni, isn't it the best feeling?! Love this outfit, that skirt is divine!

    Maria xxx

  14. I love the outfit, that skirt is amazing!

  15. Looks like such a fun event! Love the skirt it's beautiful
    Daniellla x


  16. These colors look beautiful on you! Love your skirt too - great summer combination! You look very ladylike and poise.

  17. Looking beautiful as always miss! I wish I could pull of those skirts! :(
    The Fashion Wonderland

  18. In love with this outfit, you look amazing. Such a lovely post x

  19. Just discovered your blog and love it! Congratulations on completing uni, also that skirt is so lovely and unique! xx


  20. I love the blue shoes! Absolutely adore them! I know there is so much more to this outfit, but I am literally drawn to them - the downside (or upside?) of being a shoe addict I guess! The overall look is just so dream too. B would be proud ;) Gx

  21. This skirt is AMAZING. You look so chic and beaut. Always love your style x
    Julia In Disguise

  22. Wow I LOVE your style!! I have no other words for it. :D

  23. Could you tell which lipsticks you are wearing in your posts? I find them all very very lovely.


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