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Saturday, 15 February 2014

London Fashion Week Day 1 // Black and Gold

Hello all and Happy London Fashion Week!

What do you think of my new 'big photo' format? As you can tell by my use of technical language, my technological knowledge is extensive. 

I suppose by now your blogger, instagram and twitter feeds are likely full of all things hashtagged #LFW, and it's only the end of day 2 (is hashtagged even a word?). This is what I wore on the first day, where I met up with several of my wonderful bloggy / YouTube friends and also made some new ones! As usual, I spent the week approaching the start of London Fashion Week panic buying almost every item of clothing on the internet - only to try it all on the night before and declare that I despised it all. I was having a mild nervous breakdown. Eventually, I turned to my pre-exsiting collection, rejecting all new purchases and put this together and I loved it. What a joyous moment of relief that was! My mother had been saying to me the entire week 'stop buying clothes Arabella, wear something you've already got!' It turns out she was right, as not one item I wore was 'new' (in the sense that I've owned everything here for about 2+ months). She then enjoyed basking in the fact that she was right.

You might be able to tell by the appearance of the umbrella, it RAINED. SO. MUCH. Imagine the windiest day ever, the most rainy day ever and then combine them. Then double it. That was Friday's weather. AWFUL. You can see from my shoes in the last photo that my feet were SOAKED and absolutely frozen beyond all belief. The only plus was the fact that some rather lovely (BLOODY FIT) men had been hired to escort people around Somerset House, holding ginormous golf umbrellas to keep them dry. At one point one of them approached me and asked if there was somewhere I needed to get to, I said no, but you can walk me around for a bit anyway... and so he obliged and we did a few laps and I just stared at him. He said he thought I was funny but I think he probably meant 'a bit mental'.

(Top & Shoes : ZARA. Earrings & Bag : Chanel. Skirt : Coast. Belt : H&M. Hair by Toni & Guy.)


  1. I'm obsessed with this outfit, bet you couldn't get away from people wanting photos of you! Amazing <3

    Hannah x

  2. This is stunning! I love the belt SO much. Have an amazing time xo

  3. Nice hairdo!! I can see your cold pink feet - what awful weather!

  4. Your outfit is amazing! The skirt looks great! :)

  5. You look so elegant and absolutely beautiful, I love everything about this outfit! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  6. I wish I was tall enough to wear things like this skirt - I would just look like a squashed munchkin in it, but you look so beautiful and elegant! <3

  7. You look absolutely incredible. Every part of this look is perfection, head to toe. Obsessed!

    Abigail xxx

  8. I absolutely love this late 50s/early 60s look <3 X


  9. So beautiful Arabella, you always look amazingly polished! xx

  10. You look stunning Arabella! So beautiful. I hope you enjoyed yourself :)


  11. so elegant!


  12. You look beautiful.
    Very elegant.
    Love your skirt and hair.


  13. You look so beautiful! What a gorgeous skirt :)

    I laughed at your story about the man escorting you around and you staring at him XD


  14. Love this outfit! That skirt is amazing! You look super chic and gorgous.
    I don't blame you for having a casual wander with the fit men either hahaa x


  15. This is so cute x


  16. I love the skirt and your hair looks beautiful!


  17. I love this, it's such a good feeling when you find something you've already got!


  18. Haha being escorted around Somerset house sounds like fun!
    Daniella x


  19. Arabella I am simply loving this look on you for LFW- it's such enormous pressure dressing for it! as street style is a whole different show in itself! I think you pulled it off so well!! and I bet people went crazy for it!!! xxxx

  20. You look gorgeous, love the skirt! x

  21. That skirt is beautiful, it looks so decadent!

    Maria xxx

  22. You look so super beaut! Love how classy this look is, wish I could pull of wearing such an amazing skirt! x


  23. Perfect outfit! Love how even your umbrella matches :)

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  24. Oh my that skirt and the belt and then the hair, it's all beautiful


  25. I remember how awful Friday weather was and kept thinking that Fashion Week is definitely hard work. It's windy, freezing cold and yet you have to pretend that you are absolutely fine and out a big smile. Hats off to you for braving the stormy and atrocious weather.
    Lyon look gorgeous in this outfit. The black and gold skirts adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

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