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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Red Organza Hem Dress - John Mayer Live at The O2! (Insert girlish squeal here.)

  Click through to item; Dress: ASOS. Shoes; Zara - similar here. 

Hello all!

How are you? What have you been upto? I'm in a talkative mood and no one ever replies to these kind of questions in blog posts. I'm being deadly serious - let me know! (That sounds much more threatening than I meant it to...)

Now, music, concerts or 'gigs' as the cool kids call them aren't really things I've ever mentioned on here before. I tend to stick to things I know. Don't get me wrong, I love music, but I wouldn't say I have particularly 'good' or 'individual' taste. I'm raising this because I'd had my eye on this red, organza dress for a few weeks but held myself back because I had nowhere in particular to wear it and no real need of it. However, when the John Mayer concert came along I knew the time had come. I always dress up for John. We're on a first name basis now. In the sense that I know his but he doesn't know mine. 

My friends in real life know that I have a borderline-peculiar love for John Mayer and have done since I was about 12. I've seen him live 5 times and I've also stalked him just a bit. Just casually, you know. Casual stalking. The kind you probably can't get arrested for. He came to speak at The Oxford Union a while ago, which is a kind of 'club' in Oxford where notable people come to talk and there's a chance I hysterically chased followed him to his private room, waited outside like a lunatic and got his autograph. It may have happened. I also may be mildly ashamed but also proud. We'll move on now. 

Essentially, I decided it would be the perfect time to pounce on this dress, and if I may say so myself I felt quite lovely in it. I was definitely the most dressed up person there, but you know me, I often am and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. (Also, I had to make the effort for John. What if he had somehow seen me in the crowd, decided he must have me as he wife and we eloped right then and there? It was crucial for me to look good in case the moment arose. A girl can dream..)

Here's What I'm Wearing...


  1. Im good thanks, hehe! Great blog post Arabella as per usual, your style is stunning!

    Rachel xx

  2. awesome!

  3. I'm great thank you! Annnd I haven't been up to much, other than endless amounts of washing up and a boring 9-5, oh what a glamorous life!
    From the few people I can spy in the crowd you were definitely the best dressed there, I reckon John will be calling soon!


  4. Very pretty red dress - Love your style!

  5. that dress is so perfect and fits you so well omg


  6. It's so strange that I thought the thumbnail of this picture was Katy Perry, so you're definitely on the right lines for being his type! So pretty xx

    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

  7. I'm great and I just passed my Baccalauréat exam! It's lovely of you to ask, gets you more connected with your folowers! And I love your outfit! You look so glam and I bet if he had saw you he would have fallen head over heels for you!

    Great post and would like to see more music posts from you!

  8. I really like how you always look so glamorous, you've inspired me to dress up more and feel confident when doing it! xxxx

  9. That dress is so gorgeous! Ha your tale of following him to his dressing room made me laugh!
    Daniella x


  10. This dress really suits your skin tone! x

  11. Such a great dress, and the setting is perfect!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  12. Love that dress! You rocked it well!

    Check out my blog: simplesassysultry.blogspot.com

  13. Great outfit!! What i would do to see John Mayer!! :D

    Love Cheap Frills x

  14. you're such a style icon, i've featured this outfit, and one other in my friday inspirtion post, a compilation of images I find inspiring, i hope you don't mind x



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