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Friday 7 December 2018

Winter Colour

I adore when the seasons change, and something I particularly look forward to is the change in colour palettes. Spring/summer I associate with lighter, pastel colours and autumn/winter with deep jewel tones like ruby, emerald and gold. The gold box was well and truly ticked when I clapped eyes on this beautiful funnel neck coat from Laura Ashley. It's such an amazingly deep, vibrant colour whilst still being suitable for the season. The golden mustard hue almost perfectly matches the colour changing leaves - I knew when I saw it that it was the perfect autumnal transition piece. It's warm but not overbearingly so, and thick but not so thick that it's restrictive. 

I paired it with this midi, pleated dogtooth skirt with a thin velvet waistband - a detail that I think makes such a lovely difference. The skirt is also made up of a lot of material, which means that when you walk there's a beautiful flowing movement to it which is a must for me when it comes to a midi. I love a really dramatic, flowy skirt OR a very structured one - nothing indecisively in the middle. I also love the fact that it's a pull on skirt and so easy to wear, no zips - and the elastic waistband is something I'll definitely be thankful for over the indulgent festive period...

To top it off, I added this sweet little dog print scarf with mustard accents. First of all, I'm a massive crazy dog woman so obviously this scarf is right up my street, and secondly I think the mustard accents in the scarf really pull the details and colours of the outfit together. The scarf, like the coat, is also a really nice weight for this time of year - it's not freezing but it's also chilly enough to appreciate a little something keeping your neck warm. Giant scarves and huge scarves aren't necessarily ideal when you're running around and riding already-boiling public transport whilst packed in like a sardine.

Which are your favourite colours to wear when it comes to the autumn/winter months? Do you stick to the traditional colour palette or do you like to switch it up a bit? Let me know below!

Funnel Neck Coat
Pleated Dogtooth Skirt  

Thank you to Laura Ashley for sponsoring this blog post.


  1. Gorgeous coat. I too like Autumn colours best of all - mustard yellow, forest green, aubergine and maroon x

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