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Thursday 1 August 2013

Paris Outfit : Coral Pleated Skirt / Visiting The Original Chanel Shop

Hello all, and happy first of August!
Whist in Paris, I was desperate to make a pilgrimage to the Chanel Mothership. Also known as the very first and original Chanel shop. Carl and I pretty much walked everywhere whilst we were in Paris, minus a couple of taxis and one Metro trip to ensure we made it to our dinner reservations on time. I would be proud of how many calories I must have burned with all the walking, but I undoubtedly ate my way back through them at all, France being the home of so many delicious pastries after all. I'm so easily seduced by a pain-au-chocolat, but aren't we all? (if you answered no to that question please leave immediately.) 

So, on that morning we wondered through some beautiful Parisian streets, stopping for a super authentically french Starbucks (where the barista interpreted 'Arabella' as 'Alabeina' - definitely my favourite name misinterpretation I've ever had) and gatecrashed a church service in a huge church surrounded by ginormous Roman-esuqe columns. Eventually we arrived at the Chanel shop. It looks quite small and cute from the outside but inside it's actually quite cavernous. As you can see, I laugh in the face of the 'no photo' rule. Muaha. 

After crying over a few beautiful Chanel items (they even had Chanel iPads...) we decided to visit the Louvre. This initial attempt was unsuccessful because of the incredible thunder and lightening storm that erupted when we got within viewing distance of the museum and it's gardens. So, we hid in a nearby cafe and had crepes whilst we enjoyed the atmosphere (rain is actually my favourite weather. I used to make it rain non-stop on The Sims..) For operation Louvre attempt number 2, the rain tricked us and the heavens opened again just as we were walking through an open stretch of garden. Hilariously, after such a drenched mission, upon our arrival at the entrance to The Louvre we were greeted by signs that read 'The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays'. After that there was no other option but to finish our afternoon with a visit to the chocolate cafe in the Department store Printemps. All you can do is lol.

Skirt & Belt : ASOS. Top : River Island. Necklace & Shoes : ZARA. Sunglasses : Miu Miu c/o Sunglasses Shop. Earrings : H&M. Bag : Chanel. 


  1. Beautiful photos and smile Arabella. The skirt is gorgeous and very elagant.


  2. Completely stunning, that skirt is such a lovely colour! x

  3. Beautiful photos and amazing outfit, you always look so flawless and classy xx

  4. Gorgeous photos, love the outfit! I went to Paris few months ago and it was so amazing! You're making me miss it :'(

    shabna x x

  5. the photos are wonderufl and you look amazing! love your skirt :)

  6. love the skirt!


  7. Love your Outfit :)

    xo http://www.primaballerina10.blogspot.com/

  8. wow! such fab photographs,I love your outfit and great photos of the chanel clothes :) xx

  9. Another elegant beautiful outfit! I never had the guts to go into any of the designer shops, i was dressed pretty grungy when i went to Paris, safe to say next time im going to dress way more chic! :P

    Hayley xx


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