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Sunday 7 September 2014

Striped, Structured Mini Dress

Dress: ASOS. Shoes: M&S. Sunglasses: Prada. Bag: H&M. Earrings: Chanel.

Hello all!

A short (quite literally?) outfit post for you this evening in the form of this striped, structured mini dress. These photos were snapped by my blonde barbie-but-better pal Charlotte Fisher on a recent day of events - the highlight being the launch of Fearne Cotton's new clothing line at The Groucho Club in London. 

I went for a rather simplistic, monochrome look for that day - whilst adding my favourite M&S cobalt blue, pointy shoes as a splash of colour.

This is actually the dress I did my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in, so if you want to see me in this outfit having a bucket of ice and freezing cold water thrown over me, head over to my instagram to take a look.  I decided that doing it in some form of swimwear/'slobby' clothes would be a cop-out - hence my usually dressed up appearance! Having done that, I was able to test out the 'washability' of the dress. Thankfully, it washed and dried beautifully. No distortion of the structure and no dulling of the colours - it's a winner!


  1. Beautiful dress!You look stunning!

  2. I adore that dress, it's so elegant! x

  3. The bag and shoes go perfect with the dress!
    I am slowly getting more into dresses which is nice in my opinion and I am proud of myslef for trying out something new :)


  4. this dress has been in my saved list for ages and this post has made me really want to impulse buy right now

  5. Barbie but better, I'll take that! You forgot to mention the creepy smoking man in the doorway, and the many onlookers.

  6. love the bag and dress together and the blue heels break up the monochrome palette nicely! hehe well done for doing the ALS ice bucket challenge in your outfit!

  7. This outfit is beautiful, I love that dress!

    Maria xxx

  8. I love that you did your ice bucket challenge in this dress. Too fabulous for words. You look gorgeous. Still in love with those sunglasses!

    Katie <3

  9. That dress is amazing. You always look so put tighter <3
    X Emma -Herimagination

  10. Such a gorgeous dress, love the structure of it!

  11. Love this dress on you
    So beautiful
    S xx

  12. Gorgeous outfit! I like the bold shoes, its a lovely touch :D


  13. Arabella, you look bloody gorgeous. x

  14. This outfit is absolutely breathtaking. So my style! I can't believe its from Asos, wow! You wore it very well, kudos. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/


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