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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Ruby Red Cos Coat / Tartan Trousers / Knitted Roll Neck

Top: River Island (a steal at only £15 too!). Coat: COS (last year - alternatives here and here) Trousers: Oasis at ASOS. Earrings: Dior - alternatives here. Shoes: c/o ASOS - sold out at the moment, alternative here. Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Hello everyone!

This year I've vowed to not only visit the gym more often (and perhaps unsubscribe to Domino's email menu...) but to also make the most out of my wardrobe. I mean that in the sense that I'm trying to give 'older', perhaps slightly neglected items another shot. I've been looking at items in my wardrobe and asking myself 'if I saw this on someone else, would I want it?' or 'if I saw this on Zara/ASOS's new-in section would I be filled with lust and longing?' - the answer is usually yes. Just because something is 'old' doesn't mean that we should forget about it or value it less than newer items. That's my vow this year. To appreciate and wear the old goodies just as much as the newer, perhaps more exciting pieces. Here we have this ruby red coat from COS. (Thanks to Becca for taking these photos!) I wore it to death last winter and as time went on it gradually moved to the back of my wardrobe. However, this year I remembered how excited I was to be in possession of this coat and how much I loved wearing it. I over-wore it back then for a good reason, surely? So that's that. This year, I've dusted off this coat along with several other bits and bobs that I'm newly enthused to wear. (The only problem with that being you lovely lot won't necessarily be able to get your hands on the exact items anymore, although I'll always link alternatives where I can. Oh what a tease I am!)

Have you ever neglected an item just because it was no longer 'new-in'? Please let me know!

I'm also sorry to anyone who may be scarred by my ugly toes. I understand that they're very upsetting. It's hard to show sandals without showing my toes. I need socks that look like normal toes. Does such a thing exist? You have my apologies. 


  1. SO sad this coat is from last year because it's amazing and you look bloomin' amazing in it!

    Helen from thelovecatsinc.com

  2. Such an amazing outfit. Those trousers fit you perfectly, no clue how you manage to walk around London in those heels though! Natalie's

  3. I've been after a top like this for ages - thank you so much! The way you have styled it is amazing :)

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

  4. Ah that coat is pure perfection! No wonder you were glad you rediscovered it!

  5. I'm usually not a big fan of red, but this coat looks amazing, especially on you!



  6. Such a beautiful coat :)

  7. Yes, i am one to make this neglecting-clothes crime! It's nice to see a blogger post older items.
    i have a bit of an obsession for roll necks at the moment, so I may have to pay a visit to River Island!

    Also, perhaps you should invent your sock idea. :)


  8. Shoes and sunglasses are hot! x


  9. I'm loving your outfit and I need shoes like those!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  10. The other day I went through my rack of clothes and came to the same conclusion. I want to try wearing more older pieces with newer pieces intertwined, best of both worlds! ;) Also love the outfit. It looks very comfortable and very chic at the same time...

  11. Just beautiful! This look is so lovely and I especially adore those fabulous heels.

  12. That coat! I tried it on so much in COS when it was around and for some reason, even when it was hugely reduced in the sale, I didn't buy it. I am regretting that decision now! You look darling in it.
    Ps. In the least odd way possible, I actually think you have relatively nice toes. You know, as far as toes go.

    Bethany x

  13. Stunning! Those earrings are beautiful I've wanted to get my hands on some for a while!

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