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Friday 31 July 2015

A Green Theme at Blenheim Palace

Jacket: ZARA (sold out - similar here, in the sale) Dress: ASOS. Shoes: c/o UGG Australia. Earrings: Dior (similar here). Sunglasses: Miu Miu.
- - - 
We all know that summer is the season of outdoor events, and whether it be a graduation, a garden party or a barbecue - if you're like me, you'll want to dress up a little. I think that most of us girls enjoy wearing heels to a special occasion, not only for the extra height, but the added elegance (and if we're being honest, the level of 'sassiness' that comes along with a  good pair of heels). However, when it comes to summertime events, there's the tricky business of heels v. grass. How many of us have attempted to 'walk' across grass in heels by putting all of our weight into the front of our feet in a kind of giraffe-like totter. I like giraffes as much as the next person but unless it's animal-themed fancy dress, I don't particularly want to resemble one.

So, when UGG Australia contacted me, asking if I'd like to pick something out from their website, I was surprised to find that they offer a lot more than their famous boot - which, being honest, hasn't ever really tickled my pointy shoe loving fancy. I had my eye on a patent pair of pointed black flats until I saw these leather, wood-look wedges. 'Wedges!' I thought, the perfect answer to the heel v. grass dilemma of the summer! Having made up my mind, I decided to take them for a spin around the grounds of Blenheim Palace; home of grass. Lots of grass. And gravel. And obviously a beautiful palace. 

I wanted to go for a particular colour scheme, and as the entire purpose of this mission was to defeat the arch nemesis of the heel; 'grass' - I thought I'd go the whole hog and wear green too. A green theme! It's fair to say that I gave them a thorough test-run on all sorts of terrain; grass, gravel, cobbled paths (saying 'terrain' makes it sound like I was testing a quad bike, but I like it) and it felt so strange to be able to walk around the grounds so freely, not sinking into the grass. I did get a few funny looks walking around in heels on a casual day out (as expected) but they just didn't understand that I was conducting highly important shoe-testing business, and I am happy to report that they were incredibly comfortable, the leather was super soft and they didn't feel clompy at all. The added platform also erased a problem I'd never really thought of - the raised sole means that you don't get gravel trying to hitch a ride in your sandals. I'm definitely planning on wearing them to my next outdoor event!

I've been officially turned to the way of the wedge.
*This post is sponsored by UGG Australia. If you'd like to read more about my views on sponsored posts, please take a look at my 'About' tab!*


  1. Always enjoy your photography! I need to visit London one day, so many beautiful scenic places!


  2. Nice litlle palace and oh what a lovely garden! :)


  3. Heels really do add some sassiness to an outfit! I love these shoes and I'm so surprised that they're by ugg. I love the location too - so stunning.

    Emma Xx


  4. oh my they really dont look like UGGs! I am impressed, you dress so beautifully, I wish I had the time to do the same, you look lovely :)


  5. What a beautiful place and you look gorgeous! I can't believe they are UGGs!! They look so easy to wear and would work with so many outfits. xx

  6. Pretty photos! And of course Blenheim Palace is a great background for taking them. I have to go there some day :) Love the shoes, when you think about UGG you only see the ugly boots (I really don't like them haha), but these are really cool!

    Julia xx
    | http://www.juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr |

  7. looks so lovely Arabella, the outfit and the scenery and gardens in the palace x


  8. How you managed to take all these pictures with very little people in them, it quite impressive! Stunning outfit as always x


  9. Stunning dress and backdrop.

  10. Beautiful photos!! Lovely outfit…



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