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Saturday 29 August 2015

A Day at Downton Abbey

Dress: The Jetset Diaries via ASOS (currently sold out, similar-ish here). Bag: c/o Radley. Shoes: Kurt Geiger. Earrings: Dior.

- - - 

I've recently come to the conclusion that my mother and I are actually a pair of 70 year old, National Trust property loving pensioners. There's nothing we like more than exploring a grand Stately Home and its gardens, identifying the flowers in the borders as we go, and if there's an afternoon tea on offer - we'll be on that like a seagull on a chip. I remember being embarrassed by my love of National Trust properties when I was in my teens - it's not really considered to be the 'coolest' of interests. But now, as an adult - naturally I've grown in confidence and don't care so much what others think -  I'm letting my love run wild and my mother and I are working our way through a list of properties to visit.

If you're a fan, or even vaguely familiar with the TV programme Downton Abbey, you'll probably recognise this location (it's not actually a National Trust property - it's privately owned). It is in fact, Highclere Castle, the country seat of the Earl of Carnarvon, and a Jacobethan style Grade 1 listed Stately Home surrounded by 5,000 acres of land. It's beautifully gothic and unlike any other building I've ever seen, and as mega fans of Downton Abbey, my mother and I had this outing (complete with afternoon tea) booked since February. We were that keen. My expectations were exceeded in the beauty of the property, both inside and out. However I was a little disappointed that photography is not permitted inside the building itself - although I understand why, it is someone's actual home of course - in some of the bedrooms you could even see half-drunk glasses of water sitting on the bedside tables!

In regards to my outfit, it was a warm but dull day, so I opted for this rather nautical number by The Jetset Diaries. I love how flouncy the ruffle is, but also the fact that it's made out of a very casual, thin material which makes it feel more daytime appropriate. It also has a very unique little cut-out in the back which I forgot to photograph in my excitement. I paired the blue striped dress with my Hepburn bag from Radley, which is inspired by the lady herself; Audrey Hepburn. The bag was created to emulate her iconic elegance - polished, simplistic and stylish. 

Do you like a good stately home? I'd love to hear any recommendations! 


  1. Wow ! You look gorgeous !


  2. What a sweet outfit! Love it


  3. Absolutely stunning Arabella. That dress is delightful!


  4. I love a bit of national trust action- but I'll be honest I'm more interested in the gardens and exterior than interior.
    You look fab.

  5. Stunning, that dress is everything! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  6. wow really love your outfit! so wanna go to downton abbey, really need the last season to come out xxx


  7. I am too a huge fan of visiting Stately Homes. Being an English Lit Grad, I love visitng houses associated with novels. My favourite has to be Chatsworth House, or Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice.

    You look absoultey stunning, I adore the Hepburn bag!

  8. Beautiful dress, looks gorgeous on you.


  9. Gorgeous outfit, very classic!

  10. This is such a pretty dress and I'd love to visit places like that and I feel I would have related to you liking this stuff as a teen. We could have been old people in young people's body together.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  11. My oh my how I love to wander around there one day!

    I'm currently studying how to deal with the whole shebang of heritage -including National Trust Buildings (although the book that comes with it is as exciting as... well... not. But it gives you a good inside in what goes on and needs to be done to preserve these pearls for the public eye. Which, ya know, is pretty cool).

    That dress is absolutely fab! It looks so comfortable (especially in regards of hot weather and walking around). Also I love myself some ruffle... ;)



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