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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Floaty Red Kimono Dress - The Streets of Mykonos (and a Vlog!)

- - -
Dress: ASOS. Bag: Zara (old - alternative here). Shoes: Next. Sunglasses: Prada. Earrings: Dior.
- - -
Hello hello!

Today I thought I'd share one of the outfits I wore whilst I was in Mykonos. 
Prepared for the Mediterranean sun, but not the Mykonian winds, I'd only packed pretty little floaty dresses. It turns out, this was a monumental error of judgement. I subsequently found out that Mykonos is also known as 'The Windy Isle' - which did not bode well. I am not even trying to be remotely funny when I say that I spent the entire first day clutching my skirt, trying to hold it down as it blew up into my face. RIP my modesty, as everyone in Mykonos Town saw what was going on under my dress that day. It wasn't even cute in a 'tee-hee Marylin Monroe standing over the air vent' way, it was literally just my dress/hair trying to strangle me/flash everyone else. Sorry residents/fellow tourists of Mykonos.

I also put together a little vlog of my time in Mykonos, which you can watch below if you're interested! (Flashing not included.)


  1. You look gorgeous !


  2. Mykonos looks beautiful and that dress looks lovely on you!

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  3. The dress is absolutely stunning! Loving these photos.


  4. We thoroughly enjoyed your photos and vlog! Greece is #1 on my bucket list...... Beautiful!


  5. Such a pretty dress! <3


  6. Your dress is so pretty! I love the frill sleeves X


  7. Video is so cute! The wind was actually oddly non-existent after you left (thank gawd for my hair down days).

  8. Your description of the wind + your outfit made me giggle lots!! Your blog has been such an inspiration to me that I've decided to start a blog myself. I'm still learning the tricks to having a really lovely design as you do but I'm really enjoying it so far! I'm constantly looking forward to my next blog post and It's only been a few days since I've made it!

  9. Gorgeous outfit! I've always wanted to visit Mykonos, it's on my list of places for sure :)



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