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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Gift Idea no. 1; Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium

YSL Black Opium (30ml) £40.05 - c/o YSLavailable here. | YSL Black Opium 30ml Gift Set £45.69 - available here.
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In the past week I seem to be punctuating every sentence with differently phrased, totally uninteresting observations about the cold. Eg; Brrr it's cold. Cold today, isn't it? Can we turn on the heating yet? Can't I just work from bed, it's so cold? etc. However, despite the cold sometimes being worthy of complaint, it always comes hand in hand with one thing - CHRISTMAS. 

As much as I enjoy Christmas, there's always one part that I and many others struggle with; what to buy for presents. Now, I was initially just going to do a short review of YSL's Black Opium (which was kindly gifted to me) but I thought hey, why not start getting into the christmas theme and do a little summary in the form of a 'gift idea' type thing - in case you read this and think it sounds like the kind that might suit someone you love. Also, the good thing about fragrances is that they come in varying sizes, depending on your budget - as well as being available in actual gift sets, so there are so many different options in terms of price/products - I've linked a few below. 

So, Black Opium, described by YSL as a 'glam rock' fragrance, is a mixture of white floral, coffee and vanilla, also featuring hits of jasmine and patchouli. Despite being a rather musky scent, it's still relatively sweet, making it perfect for evening wear. It's also described as 'sensual' but I can't honestly say I've ever smelt anything and thought 'mmm so sensual', although I can totally appreciate what they mean. It's glamorous and mature, and in my opinion definitely a night-time fragrance. As most of my perfumes are quite light and spring like, this was a welcome change. This is the Eau de Toilette version which comes in a glossy bottle covered in shimmering pink sparkles - so it's dressed perfectly for the festive season! 

Do you like the sound of Black Opium? Also, do you like these little beauty posts? They're relatively quick for me to do photography wise in comparison to outfit photos, so I do like popping them up every now and again!

(I also went and picked photogenic leaves off a wet floor for this, because what's a beauty blog post without some strategically placed, irrelevant objects/flowers/shrubbery?)


  1. Sounds amazing! Many people have been raving about this. Gonna give it a sniff when I go to a department store x


    1. Definitely do! Maybe pick up a little sample so you can try it out over a few days to see if you like it? :) Thanks for reading Ashley! x

  2. I have this and prefer it as my evening winter scent, it's perfect for this time of the year. x



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