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Thursday 14 January 2016

The Burberry Trench - 'The Kensington'

 Trench: Burberry; here. | Scarf: Burberry (about 10 years old!) similar here: Burberry - alternative here. Shirt: here. Trousers: here. Shoes: Russell & Bromley. Earrings: Dior. Bag: Chanel.

- - - 

I took these photos shortly after my birthday in early December and didn't have a chance to squeeze them into my post schedule before I flew off to Singapore on the 15th, and while I'm there I like to keep everything 'Singapore themed' - it'd feel a bit odd posting photos of myself in chilly London when I was actually in 30 degree tropical heat. So, I asked on Twitter and Instagram if you'd still like to see the post and the answer was a resounding yes, so, your wish is my command... 

The trench coat; timeless and traditional. Arguably, the ultimate capsule piece. Although it's now heralded as a fashion icon, the trench actually dates back to the 1850s. It was originally a military garment, which was further developed for use in the trenches of the First World War - fascinating, right? It was traditionally khaki coloured, but as the style leaked into the trends worn by the general public, other colours were developed and so arrived the popular honey & stone versions we're so accustomed to seeing today. It seems terribly obvious now that I've done a bit of research, and despite the sizeable hint in the name itself, I'd never realised the trench coat had military origins.

Now, I can completely understand why it's a classic. It's the perfect throw-on piece. Since I received my first designer piece (a Chanel bag) on my 18th birthday, I've been slowly building up my collection of long-lasting, classic designer pieces and I'm thrilled to add this coat. Mixing high-end with high street is something I've always enjoyed, and I can truly see myself wearing this long, long into my adult life. (Just make sure that if you see me eating chocolate whilst wearing this, you run up to me and violently slap it out of my hand.)

- - - 

Some of my favourite trenches...

Admittedly, I'd always admired Burberry trenches. Then one day earlier this year, my mother and I were walking past a Burberry store and she announced 'we should get you a Burberry trench for your birthday - that'll last you forever' and I thought, well, who am I to argue?! After that, I'd decided that I wanted the classic 'Honey' colour in a long length. 

As you can see, I stuck with the long length part of that decision but the Honey colour went entirely out of the window when I buttoned one up and we all (including the sales assistant who was helping us) went '....errrm... maybe not...' - frankly, the colour was horrendous on me. Although the name sounds pleasant, 'Honey' wasn't doing me any favours. So, the exceptionally helpful shop assistant suggested I tried on the Stone colour, which I'd never really taken a fancy to. I buttoned up 'The Kensington' in 'Stone' and we were all sold. SOLD. Sold to the girl who looked horrendous in Honey. It really reminded me how important it is to try things on - even things you might not necessarily expect to look good. 

Do you own a trench? Are you a fan of the style?

- - -

What I'm wearing...


  1. Obsessed with this look. A Burberry trench coat has been on my must-have list, always! Such a classic. Glad you decided to post this look!


  2. Such a gorgeous trench, I recently sold one of mine and I'm seriously regretting it now! You look absolutely stunning in these photos, loved the post.

  3. Ahh I've always coveted a Burberry trench, I don't own a trench coat of any kind at the moment. This one looks absolutely perfect on you, the shade is gorgeous and I love how you've styled it! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  4. So pretty, the jacket is gorgeous.. the colour of the scarf compliments it really well! x

  5. Gorgeous! I love this color red on you.

  6. Classic coat! Love the nude and reds together x


  7. So chic and classic, love the scarf with it too! Gorgeous pics xx


  8. A burberry trench has been on my radar for several years now. I once saw a nice blue one that I didn't buy and I've regretted it since

  9. I absolutely love Burberry trenches! I want to get my hands on the sandringham!



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