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Saturday 7 May 2016

Lancome Juicy Shakers; A Review

Hello friends! Today's beauty themed post comes to you in the form of Lancome's newest release; Juicy Shakers, a modern take on Lancome's iconic Juicy Tube lip glosses. The snazzy product container is styled in the shape of a cocktail shaker, with a vigorous shake necessary to mix the pigment and scented oil - hence the name Juicy Shaker! They retail at £18 each and are primarily a tinted lip oil, although they offer moisturisation too. 

Through shaking, the perfect amount of product is decanted into the cute little sponge applicator. First off, the product smells great. Each different colour has a corresponding scent, so 'Vanilla Pop', a berry-red, smells of Vanilla and 'Great Fruit', a very orangey red, smells of grapefruit - you get the idea. The application is smooth and non-sticky, and I admit, my initial first impression of the colour payoff was one of disappointment. The colour in the container is so bright, I expected perhaps unrealistically, to see something similar as the result. However, once I reminded myself that the Juicy Shakers are marketed as a tinted lip oil, I reevaluated my expectations. The coverage is very sheer, but the darker shades are buildable. 

Despite my initial disappointment, I really genuinely like this product. It's a very fresh, pretty look that appears quite natural. None of the harsh lines you get with lipliner or lipstick; it almost just looks like you've been *blessed* with amazingly pigmented lips. 

Another pro of this product that I mentioned on YouTube, is that they wear off in a very even manner. They almost melt away - meaning that these are quite handy little products if you're going on a date or spending time with your significant other - no need to worry about both parties faces being smeared in lipstick. It just sort of... disappears! There's my weird tip of the day. Probably not the marketing angle Lancome were going for but hey, it's a plus!

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  1. I recently got the shade vanilla pop and I just love it, I get the lack of colour pay off for a tinted oil I think they're really lovely products

    Emily x | emilyclairewrites.com

  2. I really want one of there, but they are such a gimmick product, you don't need them, but you really really want one.


  3. Really thinking of buying these! They sound up my street. x



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