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Monday 14 November 2016

Kynance Mews

Hello strangers! First, I must apologise for my absence. Although I've been gone, I've actually been busier than ever in terms of trips and exciting projects, and even though that makes me very happy, I've been finding it difficult to juggle everything along with YouTube. I'm a perfectionist; I hate rushing posts or videos and feeling like I could've done a better job, which often means I don't even start from fear my quick attempt will turn out badly. I'm working on making myself a schedule to help with self discipline, but until then, thank you for understanding and please let me know if there's a day that you'd like me to regularly post!

It's that time of year (or around a month after, forgive my lateness...) when this quiet little London mews becomes a photographic siren, calling every Instagrammer within sight to snap a photo. The leaves blush as the seasons change and the arch is draped in glorious colour, flowing over the stone like a waterfall suspended in time. So, it's no wonder that bloggers and photographers feverishly flock to it, hoping to catch it at it's peak. We also took a shot in front of the leaves that were yet to turn, just to really demonstrate the incredible colour transition. 

Autumn is definitely my favourite season in terms of colour, and so I decided, perhaps uninventively, to go full on matchy-matchy. I didn't see any point in even trying to upstage the background. Here, it's undoubtedly the main attraction. 

Do you love Autumn too? Is it your favourite season? 

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Photos by @meanderingmacaron on Instagram.


  1. I've been seeing this mews all around Instagram! I love that you matched your coat and heels with the leaves. Gorgeous! x



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