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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pink Boucle Jacket / Oversized Bow Blouse / Organza Lace Skirt

Hello all!
I really feel like this is one of my favourite outfit posts I've ever shared with you; I'm so pleased with how it turned out and as you can see, I'm back in my favourite outfit-photographing location in South Kensington, London, where I spent the afternoon sitting at a street cafe eating chocolate crepes and drinking iced tea (insert emoji pig face here). Despite the fact that I don't smile too much on my blog (because I look like a little squirrel storing acorns in my cheeks for the winter) I'm actually a very happy, smiley person and I'm particularly happy at the moment. 
I really love this pink and white colour combination, although the only minor complaint I have about the skirt is that it's one of those that just doesn't like to stay put when you sit down. Do you know what I'm getting at? It seemed to just voluntarily flash people when I sat down, resulting in the 'handbag on the lap' move which isn't too practical in most situations. I might forgive its behaviour for being so pretty... wouldn't you?

I actually wore this very same jacket and blouse combination in a previous outfit post whilst it was snowing, which I'll link here. I always find it inspiring to see how someone uses the same pieces in different temperates/weather conditions! 

Jacket : ZARA. Blouse : c/o French Connection. Skirt : Topshop. Bag & Earrings : Chanel. Shoes : ASOS.


  1. That jacket is too adorable - love the way you've put your outfit together. And the last photo has really set my tummy rumbling! xx


  2. Wow, such beautiful photographs, I like how you can just pull off any look or trend so effortlessly :D slight envy here! haha.
    It is a nightmare when a dress does that too, just have to casually cover it in some way or another haha!
    Also those crepes look so delicious! xx

  3. I always love your blog posts! This one especially is absolutely gorgeous. I love the way you style outfits in such an elegant and Chanel-esque way.

  4. Stop tempting me to buy this skirt, I've been eyeing it up for weeks at work!

    Ami x

  5. I love this outfit so much - the skirt is divine so certainly worth dealing with the constant pulling it back into place all day ;)

  6. LOVE your jacket. Such a lovely colour x


  7. omg the jacket looks so good on you! ♥

  8. wow I love the jacket!

    lucy xx

  9. this outfit is beautiful! I loooove that jacket :) the blouse is ever so pretty aswell :)

    Hayley xx

  10. I can see why this is one of your favourite posts as you look gorgeous! The pink is beautiful on you xx


  11. very Coco, very Chanel :)

  12. So in love with your jacket
    S xx

  13. That coat! This outfit is amazing, so sophisticated!


  14. I love this outfit, very Jackie Kennedy!

    Maria xxx

  15. Lovely oufit! I love your style so much, I wish I was able to pull that off!

  16. You look so elegant, fab choice of outfit and accessories!

  17. I admire how much of a unique style you have - its beautiful! :) x

  18. You look so classy - girls take note.

  19. Beautiful outfit, photography and face! xxx


  20. I never smile for the blog photos either because I feel like my nose spreads across my face and I look like a raging lunatic. So there you go, you can feel better :P

    I love your outfit here. So sweet and chic x

  21. wow amazing photos,you look amazing too. Love the jacket,
    and mmmmmm those pancakes xx

  22. stone cold fox! you really are the classiest little lady I ever clapped eyes on! Lisette Loves x


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