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Friday 5 June 2015

Monochrome Florals - A Tropical Day in Kensington (...and vast use of the word sausage)

Top: River Island (old - similar here). Shoes: c/o Topshop. (yes I forgot to take the label off the bottoms for these photos) Skirt: Zara. Sunglasses: Prada. Earrings: Dior. 

Yesterday, it was practically tropical in London and today, I'm genuinely sunburned. I kind of feel like I want to post a photo of my sunburn just to prove my twitter moaning (hashtag melting *insert fire emoji*) was justified, but I won't. Sunburn is hardly what you'd call 'instagrammable'. Despite that unfortunate side effect, I was overjoyed to hop back into my twirly midi skirts and get out into the sun - after all, I'd already done the whole spring/summer wardrobe swap over a month ago to no avail. 

I should also address the shoes - my new favourites. Last week, Topshop invited myself and and few other bloggers/YouTubers down to the Oxford Circus store to take part in their 'Playtime' activities. Essentially they sort of turned the store into a fun-house for a few days, complete with candy floss and arcade games. They also gave each of us a generously filled Topshop gift card to have a Topshop spree with. I'd seen this 'Ghillie' style of shoe spamming my instagram feed for a while and thought to myself 'best steer clear, they'll make your feet look like sausages wrapped in string' - so I wrote that particular trend off. (Interestingly, when I googled them I found that they're inspired by tongueless, lace-up, Scottish 'gillie' dancing shoes!) But - delirious with shopping spree euphoria I grabbed a pair and tried them on, preparing myself for a good old lol. As you can see, said lolling did not occur, and I didn't look too reminiscent of a stringed up sausage (in my humble opinion). In fact, I liked them a lot, AND they were incredibly comfortable. So from my sausage-themed paranoia I think we can all learn something; don't immediately write something off because of your own worries - if you like it, give it a go! Try it on. (Worst case scenario... you momentarily look like a sausage.)


  1. you look so classy and chic Arabella, loving the monochrome total look and still with the hint of summer <3
    the shoes are a definite good choice in the end, they look so pretty and not sausage like at all! :)


  2. beautiful outfit as always. drooling over the topshop shoes! they're amazing.


  3. Love your style as always. And entertained as well with your humor. Very nice!


  4. I love that midi skirt - perfect style and length I must check this out! Great shoes too. sabiha x


  5. I love this outfit Arabella and such a pretty midi skirt. I guess I need to try those kinds of shoes to as they seem lovely but hope I don't turn into a sausage.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  6. Love this skirt, the top is perfect.


  7. That skirt is just gorgeous, Arabella. The print is fabulous. And that's such a lovely pair of lace ups you've paired it with x

  8. We had an uplifting sunny day, then a horrible moist sunny day and since then... well, no sun has been reported in the area. Silly me for thinking I could finally swing out my short tops and swing skirts. Oh well, it's just as fun staying in your pjs and seeing others doing just so. And I must say you've done a tremendously good job. I definitely feel the summer-vibes through my computer screen. And you're right! Sometimes it's better to try and look like a sausage then to not-try and forever wonder if you'd look like one. The best thing of this is naturally that you can always take the shoes off, they aren't glued to your feet (although I wouldn't mind if these were, they look absolutely fab!).




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