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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Boucle Harrington Jacket / Belted Ivory Trousers

 Jacket: c/o Topshop. Trousers: c/o Topshop. Shoes: c/o Topshop. Top: River Island (old.) Earrings: Vintage c/o Topshop (from the vintage jewellery section!) Sunglasses: Miu Miu.

_ _ _

I have a purely monochrome, entirely Topshop ensemble to share with you today. I acquired the 'Ghillie' shoes (we've discussed these in previous posts), ivory belted trousers and boucle 'Harrington' jacket all at the same time, but with no intention of wearing them together. Upon my arrival home I immediately hung my new pieces on the front of my wardrobe and realised that they'd actually go rather nicely together (in my humble opinion). So, it was quite the happy accident. Not only that, what with the ivory trousers being, well, ivory... they go with several different pieces; colourful, patterned, almost anything - a truly versatile piece. Obviously the only downside of white clothing is that it shows every mark. Although I did get a good three or four wears out of these before I spilled a big splodge of coffee on the thigh. Such is life. 

Do you wear white clothing, or can you not trust yourself with the monumental responsibility? I'd love to know!

(Sorry for wearing my jacket like an arse. It just photographs well. Please forgive me.)


  1. Gorgeous as always, especially loving your jacket and shoes! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. This is beautiful! Love your entire outfit


  3. Love the black and white look <3
    You make B&W look very feminine and pretty xxx


  4. Nice photos, outfit is amazing, mainly jacket :-)

  5. ahhhh this is so lovely, and don't worry you don't look like an arse haha xx


  6. You look awesome, those heels are absolutely stunning! And no, I'm much more of a black clothing person for reasons you've stated, those trousers are stunning on you though and three/four wears still is good in my book - I'd have ruined them in the first few hours no doubt! xx


  7. I absolutely adore this outfit! I would wear it just as you would, but maybe with some nice flats instead of heels (they would kill me) :)


  8. you're ever the French chic looking Arabella <3 love the monochrome theme :)
    I can only trust myself to wear white once in a while, too clumsy to wear the garment for far too often haha x


  9. Always so beautifully chic! Loving these pics xx


  10. Love the shoes Arabella you look beautiful!

    Check out my MAC Lipliner x3 giveaway!

  11. Love it!

    x, wishingbelle (www.mixofac.blogspot.com)

  12. You look just beautiful! Love your heels!

  13. Love the trousers and jacket! 4 wears is amazing! I usually average 2 with white trousers. I'm pretty good with white tops though, but obviously I wouldn't want to wear a top for too long without washing haha!


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