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Tuesday 18 April 2017

Savoy Steam - a compliment to time passed

'A compliment to time passed. Originating from a true original. Inspired by the inspiring baths from which Penhaligon's fragrance first found inspiration.' 

Penhaligon's, the luxury British perfumers have been creating masterpieces through fragrance since 1870. Hammam Bouquet is one of their oldest and most iconic fragrances, created by Mr Penhaligon in 1872 and inspired by the Turkish Baths of Jermyn Street in Mayfair. Now, the once masculine fragrance has been reimagined for modern day in the form of Savoy Steam - and this time, it's an aromatic scent for both sexes. Penhaligons' new offering comes in two forms; a slightly stronger eau de parfum and a more delicate eau de cologne. Of course, the classic Penhaligon's packaging features in both new additions, with a nod to the scent's bathhouse heritage in the form of a little towelling bow. 

Savoy Steam Eau de Parfum retails at £134 for 100ml and definitely packs an aromatic punch. It's very much intended to be used as a fragrance, as opposed to the multi purpose eau de cologne. This warm, floral fragrance stands out from the crowd due to it's resin notes and like all Penhaligon's scents, is incredibly long lasting. The thing I particularly love about these new scents is the fact that they're unisex - meaning that these fragrances have not been created with a particular gender in mind. If you and your partner both like the smell of Savoy Steam, you're in luck. You can share! (whether or not this is a bad thing is down to your discretion... I would not advise that you present this to a partner as a gift and announce 'and the great thing is, we can share it!' - you may not be met with such gratitude!)

The head notes: Rosemary Oil Tunisia and Pink Pepper. The heart notes: Rose Essential and Geranium Absolute. The base notes; Incense resinoid. 

Savoy Steam Eau de Cologne (my personal favourite of the two) retails at £147 for 200ml and can be used as either a perfume or a splash, which is applied to the body after bathing - much like a Turkish Bathhouse ritual. To me, this version of Savoy Steam almost smells like a gin and tonic which is coincidentally, my favourite tipple! To me, this is a slightly more feminine version of the fragrance because of it's slightly fresher, lighter scent. 

The head notes: Lemon Primofiore and Bergamot. The heart notes; Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil Tunisia. The base notes; White Cedarwood Oil and Fir Balsam. 

- - - 

In summary, these are both beautiful scents that are not only genderless but also timeless, and because of this, the idea of having an interchangable 'his and hers' perfume tray is starting to grow on me...

You can take a look at Savoy Steam Eau de Cologne & Savoy Steam Eau de Parfum for yourself here.

*Please note: this post is kindly sponsored by Penhaligon's - one of my favourite brands!

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